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Train Trips Worth the Ride

Smokey Mountain

Trains usually aren’t the first choice of transportation for many. But there is something magical when it comes to hitching a ride on a train. These old-fashioned train trips offer a one of a kind experience for all. The Grand Canyon Railway The Grand Canyon Railway leaves Williams, Arizona every morning from the Sante Fe… Read more »



For a small island nation Britain is one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse places on the planet with a plethora of gems to uncover. From watching the sun rise over Stonehenge on a midsummer’s day to visiting the Queen’s residence at Buckingham Palace, there really is something to cater for all tastes. So,… Read more »

A Tropical Getaway in Aruba


If you are looking for a place to have an amazing vacation on the beach, Aruba is the place for you. White sandy beaches and bright blue waters line the coast of Aruba, making it the perfect destination to soak up the sand and sun. Just off the coast of Venezuela, the tiny island is… Read more »

Spooky Ghost Adventures


With Halloween just a few weeks away, what better time to take a look at some of the scariest places in the country? These following spooky spots are said to be some of the most haunted places in America. Moon River Brewery The Moon River Brewery is one of the oldest buildings in Savannah, Georgia…. Read more »

Tips When Traveling With Your Passport


When traveling, especially out of the country, it is very important to always know where your passport is. We all get that worried feeling when we are traveling that maybe we might lose our passport or worse, get it stolen. But there are some thing you can do to prevent this from happening or things… Read more »

The Beauty of Jamaica


Jamaica is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches around. The tropical island sees thousands of tourists every year because of these beaches, but you would be surprised to see how much more Jamaica really offers. The Caribbean island is full of rainforests, beaches and mountains. They have a tropical climate so it is… Read more »

Munch on These Free Foods on Your Next Flight

Jet Blue

When you are flying in coach, it may not always be the best experience. But some airlines still offer delicious snacks to flyers to make flights just a little more pleasant. Not only are these snacks free, but also tasty. JetBlue’s Terra Blues potato chips JetBlue’s iconic Terra Blues potato chips have been around for years… Read more »

Travel Vaccinations Necessary for a Trip to Fiji


Fiji is a true island paradise, famous for its gorgeous lagoons, pristine beaches, and rugged landscape that offers hikers and mountain climbers exciting activities under the sun. From divers to nature lovers, and those who simply want to get away from it all for a while, people from around the world travel to Fiji throughout… Read more »

These States Are Worth a Visit

Rhode Island

Some states are just not on everyone’s travel bucket list. There are a few states that do not draw in tourists like other and are considered the least visited states in America. But surprisingly, these places aren’t as bad as you think and are actually very charming. Rhode Island The tiny state of Rhode Island… Read more »

The Sounds of Oktoberfest


Oktoberfest kicked off in Munich, Germany on September 19th and the biggest beer festival in the world is expected to attract over 6 million people this year. The 16-day festival is full of fun, food, music and of course beer. The festival includes many attractions like fair rides, games and parades. Guests can get a… Read more »