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The Vibrant City of Manchester


Manchester is a very charming city in England that is a place that everyone must try to visit at least once. The locals are known to be very friendly and the food is absolutely tasty. There is so much to do and see in Manchester, but make sure to save some time for their crazy… Read more »



If you’re the type of traveler who enjoys relaxing and letting all your stresses and worries wash away whilst you soak up the sun and bathe in the sea then perhaps this selection of rather adventurous things to do may not be quite what you’re searching for. Adrenaline junkies on the other hand will no… Read more »

London’s Most Interesting Buildings


It’s one of the most visited cities on the planet. It attracts 27 million overnight visitors every year. They flock to the likes of Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square, a different language heard in every corner, all enthusiastically shouting “cheese” in their respective tongues. But there is more to London than the bright lights of… Read more »

Five Things You MUST Do Before You Go Traveling


The world is your oyster and it’s now so easy to hop over the Channel or take a flight to so many exciting destinations. You’ve probably ticked off the list of the essentials like getting your passport sorted and preparing what you’re going to pack in your suitcase but, before you go traveling, there are… Read more »

The Pub in Bristol That Homes Cats

Cat pub

Love beer? Love cats? Then head on over to Bag Of Nails right on St. George’s Road in Bristol. The pub offers tasty drinks along with the chance for visitors to spend some time with cats. We all know about cat cafés, but this cat pub might be the start of a new trend. Guests… Read more »

Sydney’s Bustling Nightlife


We all know that Sydney, Australia is a great place to catch some live music. It is the biggest city in Australia so a lot of music festivals come to town and a lot of music’s biggest performers also bring their tour to Sydney. But besides catching some live tunes, Sydney is home to a… Read more »

Awesome Activities in South Africa

Cape Town

Traveling lets us see the world and explore new sites and experiences that we wouldn’t be able to get at home. There are lots of great things to do in Modern South Africa, from taking in the national parks and incredibly natural wonders to enjoying the many attractions of the cities. South Africa is quickly… Read more »

Japan’s Themed Cafés

Moomin Cafe

Japan is known for their crazy and different themed cafés. Many of you have probably heard for their cat cafés, but there are a variety of other cafés that are pretty interesting. @Home Café Not only are cat cafés popular in Japan, but so are maid cafés. These cafés are known to have women serve… Read more »

Trains Rides For the Holidays


Trains across the nation transform into magical trains rides during the holidays. This idea became very popular after the release of The Polar Express in November of 2004. Families from all over can experience the North Pole and spread the Christmas cheer around. Check out these holiday themed train rides and don’t forget to see… Read more »

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Alaska?


Alaska is a very interesting state. It is 500 miles from the closest state and has more coastlines than the other 49 states combined. You may not think of Alaska as a place to visit, but these are just some fun facts about the state that makes it more appealing. First fun fact…students throughout the… Read more »