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Financial Tips for Travelling Abroad

coachella top 10 music festivals of 2014

Planning a Trip Abroad? Hopefully the other posts on this site have inspired you to do so, and if so, you are very welcome! However, before you jet off to that island getaway you’ve been dreaming of, I feel it necessary to let you in on a few secret travel tips known only to the… Read more »

Wild card weekend: What to watch for and who’s going to win on game day

I love a good game, especially when it involves pumped-up bad-asses in tight pants. And, this weekend is going to be Badass. The schedule is as follows: Saturday, January 3rd Cardinals vs. Panthers 4:30pm Ravens vs. Steelers 8:15pm Sunday, January 4th Bengals vs. Colts, 1:05pm Lions va. Cowboys, 4:40pm Who’s going to win: On Saturday,… Read more »

Upcoming winter music festivals

Strings and Sol 2014

With the howling winter hounds coming home in the form of shit-tons of snow and cold, the festivals are flying south for the winter. Many are landing in the Caribbean or on the coastal beach towns of Mexico, and all brought to you by Cloud 9 Reservations. Here is a line up of the best and… Read more »

Why Your History Shouldn’t Hold You Back From Where You Want to Go

Remember middle school? Just kidding, don’t think about that–unless you’re a glutton for punishment. For many of us, the teen years were some dark times of trying out different personalities, likes, dislikes, relationships, friendships, jobs and so forth. If that wasn’t bad enough, that feeling of uncertainty often haunts us till we’re in our twenties… Read more »

Music Festival Travel Made Easy

music festival travel

Recently, I was given the opportunity to cover two of the biggest New Year’s Eve festivals in the country: Lights All Night and SnowGlobe Music Festival. Once I realized what I was in for, I immediately began calculating ways to save money in an attempt to not only make this one of the best trips of… Read more »