International Festival Travel Tips Are Game

international festival travel barcelonaInternational festival travel is a broad subject, and if you’re traveling outside of the country, wherever you happen to be, I’m sure you’ve already come prepared with a laundry list of questions. Where do you really start?

International festival travel can be tricky. For starters, you’ll always find you’re spending money hand over first. This is why I always tell people traveling out of the country, you don’t have a single budget when it comes to this scenario. No, you’re on a different playing field – you have a budget set for travel and a budget set for the festival, completely separate from each other.

Ready for international festival travel?

If you know you’re going to be traveling internationally, travel is the first element to take care of. You can typically get great deals on travel well before certain festival tickets go on sale. The longer you wait to purchase, the more expensive making the necessary travel arrangements becomes. You should also note that travel will almost always at least double your festival admission, unless you’re shooting for VIP packages.

I use a few different sites anytime I’m in the international festival travel circuit. Some of my regulars include Kayak and Priceline. I also keep a watch on ChameleonJohn for Travel Coupons they have coupons for many travel sites. Depending on the airline, you can on rare occasion secure yourself some discounted tickets – worth stating that most international packages are generally kept full price.

I like to give myself plenty of time to recover financially after purchasing my travel. The nice thing about festival tickets, depending upon where you’re heading, is that you can select the layaway option and pay your pass off over time. It’s best to set aside the money for the ticket as soon as you have it though, this gives you a clear idea of how much money you truly have to spend out there when you get closer to leaving.

International festival travel is usually better with a friend or a group. I highly recommend planning a year in advance with people you trust in order to get the job done!