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Can Vaping Really Help You Quit Cigarettes?

Almost half the vaping population stepped into it as a healthier alternative to smoking and as their first step towards the end goal of quitting smoking. Quitting is often hard and resisting your craving for nicotine altogether is a difficult task. That is why people switch to a less fatal alternative to get their body… Read more »

How to Find the Best eLiquid Flavors You’re Going to Love

There’s no denying that there are endless vaping flavors out there for you to experiment with and enjoy. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, what flavors and tastes you love, or what equipment you’re using; it’s safe to say there’s a bundle of flavors and liquids you’re going to fall in love with. But how… Read more »

5 Reasons You Should Buy a CCELL Vaporizer

Forget leaky cartridges and burnt oils. CCELL vaporizers are revolutionizing the oil vape pen industry and creating a more positive experience for those who use vape pens. Here are just a few reasons to get a CCELL vaporizer regardless of your past experience with other types of vapes. Easily vaporized oils Cannabis oils are naturally… Read more »

Traveling with an e-cigarette? Here’s All You Need to Know

There’s been a huge boom in the number of e-cigarette users these past few years. This, combined with the fickle vaping rules and regulations that are seemingly changing on a day-to-day basis, means there are probably quite a few of you out there wondering how to go about traveling by air with an electronic cigarette…. Read more »

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