Pairing Vape Flavors with Your Meal can Enhance Your Culinary Experience

After eating a delicious meal, it is nice to sit back, relax and puff on a vaporize filled with delicious flavors. But indulging in your favorite flavors many not always go well with your meal choice. There are some flavors that actually pair better with certain types of foods, but don’t worry, we go you covered!


Some ideal vape juice flavors to enjoy after a hearty breakfast of course includes coffee and espresso flavors. These flavors are especially great after eating croissants or other pastries. If you are looking for something a little sweeter after your breakfast, try adding chocolate flavor to the coffee vape flavor, or just go with the chocolate flavor by itself!


If you are enjoying a light snack or appetizer like fried green tomatoes, try a vape flavor like peach. Fruit vape flavors also go great after eating salads or fruits. Next time you finish eating a piece of fruit or a light salad, stick with the fruity theme and try to go for a grape, apple or apricot vape flavor.


A lemon or pear flavor tobacco e-juice is perfect after a dinner with a main course of fish or other seafood. The light and crisp flavor of the vape adds a nice touch after eating seafood. For meals that include steak or other red meats, try a bourbon or whiskey flavor. This caps off your meaty meal best!


Finally, it is time for dessert! Vape flavors that go well after dessert are similar to the flavors you enjoy after breakfast. Coffee and chocolate flavors go really well after having pretty much any type of dessert. If you are having a dessert that is mostly chocolate, try ending it with a mint flavor vape juice.


The vape flavor you choose after each meal can make a big difference. Sometimes the mixture of certain vape flavors along with the after taste of your meal can end badly. But if you are prepared and know what flavors pair best with your food, you will be able to enjoy your meal knowing you can smoke delicious flavors in your vape after!