Can Vaping Really Help You Quit Cigarettes?

Almost half the vaping population stepped into it as a healthier alternative to smoking and as their first step towards the end goal of quitting smoking. Quitting is often hard and resisting your craving for nicotine altogether is a difficult task. That is why people switch to a less fatal alternative to get their body charged up with nicotine; the e-cigarettes or vape. Vaping lets people have their fair share of nicotine in moderated and healthier ways. Plus, there are also vapes available that contain delta 8 THC, which can help with things like pain, insomnia, and anxiety. If you currently smoke and suffer from any of those ailments, a delta 8 THC vape (like those reviewed at would be the perfect alternative. But let’s talk facts. It is possible that switching to vaping could let people quit the fatal habit of smoking. Let us check what happens when you decide to change to vaping in an attempt to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes or Vaping is a bit similar to smoking 

Although researchers and public health professionals verify the fact that vaping is healthier than smoking as it lacks the harmful content, tobacco that smoking possesses. However, there are still questions as will they let you quit smoking quickly and effortlessly. When used as a replacement, instead of an addition to cigarettes, vaping could be a preferable alternative for smokers who haven’t had any success with quitting smoking through medications. While many studies point towards the fact that vaping can let you quit smoking quickly, there are a few that point otherwise. Many studies highlight the fact that vaping is not significant enough to make people quit smoking, and people who jump off to vaping in an attempt to quit smoking are less likely to succeed. This may be since vapes contain nicotine too, which can never let you off your nicotine addiction and might as well be a mimic to smoking all over again. 

But, there might be some chances to success 

Although it was stated that vaping could be a bad idea to quit smoking, many cases and facts point to the contrary. A study conducted in England found that thousands of people were able to quit smoking through vaping. This was because e-cigarettes or vapes helped them manage their daily nicotine margins; they helped regulate the regular nicotine flow in your body, thereby lowering your daily nicotine margins effectively. The vaping does not entirely help you in quitting unless you replace smoking completely with vaping. Also, people who didn’t feel like they could ever quit, stopped smoking because they found vaping more joyful without their own expense. A phenomenon where you could enjoy oneself not at your own expense is vaping. Many people who made the switch claim to have grown better respiratory function, taste, and a sense of smell. 

Vaping Had let People to Quit Who Did Not Even Think Of Quitting Smoking 

Yes, many people quit smoking without any plan to do so; they were all accidental quitters. These were the people who once tried vaping on a friend’s suggestion or maybe just on a whim. They went on to relish it more than cigarettes, finding it to be a more healthy and cheaper substitute and went on to completely switch from traditional smoking to vaping. 

How Could You Actually Quit Smoking Through Vaping? 

It might seem challenging to get rid of nicotine addiction altogether; that is the reason why people try to switch to vaping as it consists of nicotine and no tobacco. This switch generates a more natural way for you to make the quit; you cannot give up on your nicotine level consumption all at once. All you need to do is take the baby steps. Lower your nicotine consumption gradually; when you first buy an e-cigarette, get yourself the one with the highest possible nicotine level. And then start cutting down the nicotine level slowly. This process might seem complicated, but you are suggested to lower your level as and when you are comfortable with the change. But keep one thing in mind, the longer you wait, the stronger the addiction gets. 

Therefore, it is all dependent on the person if they want to quit for real. Vaping could be their best partner in it if they don’t, nothing can help them out. If you’re a heavy smoker and wish to quit, all you need to do is get your vape kit now. Research the best vaping shops in your area by googling the best vape shops near me and get your smoking cessation kit now.