5 Reasons You Should Buy a CCELL Vaporizer

Forget leaky cartridges and burnt oils. CCELL vaporizers are revolutionizing the oil vape pen industry and creating a more positive experience for those who use vape pens. Here are just a few reasons to get a CCELL vaporizer regardless of your past experience with other types of vapes.

  1. Easily vaporized oils

Cannabis oils are naturally sticky and viscous, making them difficult to vaporize. That’s partially why so much of the oil deposited into older vape pens ends up burnt or unused. The technology in CCELL vapes heats and absorbs the oils much more efficiently so they are vaporized more quickly.

  1. No More Wicks

Using wicks to heat the oil in a vape pen is the primary cause of burning because the wicks get extremely hot in one spot. In contrast, the ceramic heating elements in CCELL vaporizers use an embedded coil that provides more uniform heating and vaporizing of the oil.

  1. Consistent Puffs

Unlike traditional vapes, the heating method used by the CCELLs keeps the taste and potency of each puff consistent. That means your last bit of oil will provide the same flavor and experience as the first bit for more enjoyable experience.

  1. Decreased Leaking

The sticky nature of cannabis oil makes it difficult for normal vapes to heat and absorb all the oil in the cartridge. The leftover oil and residue can leak out into other parts of the pen or onto clothing and cause major damages. Because CCELL vapes more evenly heat the oil, it is almost completely absorbed so leaks occur much less frequently.

  1. More Vapor

Part of the fun of vaping is puffing out a big cloud of vapor. The more advanced heating elements in CCELL vaporizers produce larger quantities of vapor and allow you to exhale larger, more tasteful clouds. You no longer need to be embarrassed by thin, wispy plumes.

Whether you’re a vaping pro or just starting to look into getting an oil vape pen, choosing a CCELL can take your experience up a notch. Buy a CCELL vape today and feel the difference for yourself.