Wild card weekend: What to watch for and who’s going to win on game day

I love a good game, especially when it involves pumped-up bad-asses in tight pants. And, this weekend is going to be Badass. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday, January 3rd
Cardinals vs. Panthers 4:30pm
Ravens vs. Steelers 8:15pm

Sunday, January 4th
Bengals vs. Colts, 1:05pm
Lions va. Cowboys, 4:40pm

Who’s going to win:
On Saturday, I favor the Cardinals. While the Panthers are a great team, I am disappointed with Cam Newman’s ability to throw the ball. His three interceptions and dismal passing percentage (reported to be 53%) may be a failing in the pair up with the Cards. And even if the Cardinals weren’t a better team, I’d vote for them anyway because they’re my home boys!

For the Ravens vs. Steelers, I predict the Steelers will take it. I think the Ravens are at a disadvantage with Haloti Ngata just coming off a 4-game suspension. Especially since he was suspended for doping. That’s gotta be hard, coming back to work tired and sober, and a little bit weaker. Not to mention a little bit poorer too, as he lost $2.125 mil from his base salary for the infraction. Ouch. That’s gotta be distracting.

As the games continue on Sunday, I will be rooting for the Bengals. They have a great team, although I am suspicious of the ability of Andy Dalton to connect. His performance has been beneath his ability and he’s gotta step up if he expects to win. He’s a fellow ginger though, so I will back him all the same.

Finally, I have to call a win for the Cowboys. First of all Ndamukong Suh’s bad behavior does not fly with me at all. A one game suspension for being an unprofessional dick is not enough for me. The karmic gods have got to work against you when you try to break the opposing team’s quarterback in half. Secondly, I want the Cowboys to win because I really love the Cowboy’s cheerleaders. I have admired their history and regalia forever. They are so awesome and over the top I want to see them again and again, all the way to the Superbowl. If the Cowboys make it, I might even get to see the Cheerleaders in person since the Superbowl is in my town!

Look for Superbowl reporting all month long. I love playoff football as much as I love music. It’s a party every single weekend, and who doesn’t love that?