Why Your History Shouldn’t Hold You Back From Where You Want to Go

Remember middle school? Just kidding, don’t think about that–unless you’re a glutton for punishment. For many of us, the teen years were some dark times of trying out different personalities, likes, dislikes, relationships, friendships, jobs and so forth. If that wasn’t bad enough, that feeling of uncertainty often haunts us till we’re in our twenties or thirties–but why?

When it comes to relationships, our younger years seems to haunt us no better than the ghost of Christmas past. After getting burned time after time by a partner, it’s really no surprise that people put up imaginary walls to keep that from happening again. But what good does that really do? In the scheme of things, it ends up hurting feelings, getting in the way, and becoming a habitual instinct that’s hard to break.

Not jumping into something because you got hurt in the past means that there is no chance for change. Look to the strong people in your life, perhaps its a mother, a grandmother, friend, or even someone famous…the best stories are those of triumph. Ask someone if life ever gets easier, and I’m sure you will be met with a resounding “no.”

From the very beginnings of time, there have been hardships of different kinds through disease, war, disasters, famine–you name it. We need to remember that we come from a long line of fightin’ men and women who made it work. What does your family history say? Sometimes digging into the past can open up a new world of possibilities in your heart. If you have no idea about your family’s roots, try taking an DNA origins test to see where your family likely migrated from, years and years ago.

Stories of past women and past selves can help pave the way to greatness, but the only thing standing between you and destiny is your choice to try. You don’t have to have it figured out, you don’t have to be fearless, all you need to do is remember what life is about–living. So, get on the saddle and meet me at the intersection of nowhere and everywhere.


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