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The Cuba Travel Guide

Cuba has many incredible attractions and it offers a unique experience to all visitors, but it can also be complicated for first time visitors. Dual currencies, visitor visas, and inflated exchange rates mean that visitors should be as prepared as possible before entering the country, in order to avoid escalated costs and the disappointment of… Read more »

How to book a holiday in Amsterdam online?

Holiday’s raveime for recreation, contentment and relaxation are sought by everyone to burst stress and spend time with near and dear ones. To make every holiday memorable and cherished it should be planned properly and every aspect of holiday whether stay at the hotel, means of transportation, proper knowledge of destination and fund, etc. needs… Read more »

A Nation of Perpetual Change: The Archaeological and Architectural Traces of Past Occupations on the Islands of Malta

With Italy right above and North Africa to the West; Malta’s geographical spot in the Mediterranean has contributed toward its special role throughout history. This archipelago has been subject to a series of occupations over the centuries due in part to its militarily strategic location. Each of these fascinating periods in history have left their… Read more »

Ready for Rio!

We are only days away from the 2016 Rio Olympics, and as the testing events come to an end. The stage begins to set for one of the world’s favorite shows. Two hundred and six countries have geared up to send their best athletes to compete for the chance to bring the torch home in… Read more »

4 Things No One Tells You About Teaching Abroad

teaching abroad

So, you’ve just graduated. Why not pack up the flip-flops and set sail for a distant, and far sunnier shore? Seeing the world and earning some money by beginning your working life overseas is an attractive prospect for many graduates. If that life appeals to you then chances are that you will be among the… Read more »

Traveler’s Guide to Great Britain Race Season

We are swiftly approaching the race season in Great Britain. A season full of socializing and high fashion at the finest of events, it is important to note which events you won’t want to miss. Each race has its own unique culture, history, and traditions. Here is a quick, traveler’s guide rundown of the race… Read more »

What’s to Come for 2016 – Portugal’s Famous Festivals


Portugal is well known for its stunning festivals, which are celebrated throughout the year across the country by locals and tourists alike. From February right up until December there’s always something going on to celebrate the country’s diverse and beautiful culture, history and religious beliefs. February bears witness to the country’s carnival season, with Lisbon… Read more »