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Underwater Music Festival Rocks the Ocean

Florida is known as one of the music festival capitals of the world. So it is no surprise that Key West hosts one of the coolest and unique festivals around. The Underwater Music Festival brings divers and musicians together each year to raise awareness for coral preservation. It really is like no other music festival…. Read more »

Why the French Stay at Home for Their Holidays


There are so many choices for where to visit in the world, it might come as a surprise to hear that 80% of French nationals choose to stay in their own country when they book a holiday. But, when you start having a look at what France has to offer, you can soon understand why…. Read more »

Best Festival Cities in North America


Festivals are always a great time and it usually only matters who is headlining. But there is something so magical about a festival in a beautiful place where locals are friendly and welcoming. These spots are the best locations to catch a festival. San Francisco, California San Francisco is a fantastic city to visit and… Read more »

Best Spots For Shark Diving

Great White

Shark Week just wrapped up so what better time to go travel the world and go shark cage diving? It is the best way to see sharks up-close and personal in their own habitat. You see people doing it on Shark Week, but experienced divers can also have the chance to swim with sharks. Here… Read more »

Catch Roof is the Hottest Spot in New York

Catch Roof

New York City’s Catch Roof is one of the hottest spots to grab some dinner and drinks. The stylish restaurant and lively nightclub is located in NYC’s famous Meatpacking District and is always full of celebrities. The restaurant’s menu includes delicious dishes like lobster rolls and sushi from top chef winner Hung Huyn. They also… Read more »

Tips For Eye Care When Away From Home


When traveling, it can be hard to access eye care. It is important to be prepared for basic eye care when away from home, especially if you require corrective lenses or glasses. Here are some tips for eye care when you are away from home: Pack an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses Glasses… Read more »

Why Do We Love The Irish So Much?


We’ve been sitting around now for some time now. Racking our brains. Trying to think of someone. Just someone to add to the list of one. But no, it’s not happening, we still haven’t found what we’re looking for. There is no Irish person in the public eye that we dislike apart from that one…. Read more »

Celebrating the Karmic Quality of Traveling for Fun


Traveling for pleasure brings its own rewards. With no deadline on your travel time you can get the most out of every single destination, spend time getting to know the people and feeling the vibe. Not everyone gets to savoir the benefits of their travel in quite the same way, which is what makes traveling… Read more »

Dangerous Vacation Spots For Thrill Seekers


Looking for a thrill on your next vacation? Check out these destinations that can be pretty dangerous if not careful. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park The National Park is located on the big island and is home to two active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Kilauea still spews hot lava and ash. The park was established… Read more »