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Iron Maiden Shows Off New Jet For New Tour

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden fans are excited that the rock band has announced plans for a new tour starting in 2016. Iron Maiden has also revealed an insane new jet for their new world tour to promote their new album, Book of Souls. The new album won’t be released until September 4th, but the band has been… Read more »

Unique Pools Across the World


Looking for the best place to find some interesting pools to lounge around? There are a number of pools across the world that offers the ultimate swimming experience. These pools happen to be the weirdest, yet coolest pools to visit. So what are you waiting for, head to these destinations to see the most insane… Read more »

The Best Small Towns in America


Move over Chicago and New York City, these small towns are just as fun to visit. Next time you are traveling across country, make sure to check out these towns. Huron, Ohio Huron, Ohio is a small town where the Huron River meets Lake Erie. Sheldon Marsh State Nature, which is a wonderful habitat that… Read more »

Amsterdam’s Best Markets That Most Travelers Don’t See


If you go to Amsterdam’s main flower markets and buy blue tulips, don’t expect to be able to plant blue tulips in your garden next spring. These are the tourist markets, and sense be told, not many flowers are blue in color. To find the good stuff, the vintage clothing, and organic food, you need… Read more »

KC’S Power & Light District Shines


Kansas City’s Power and Light District is an epic shopping and entertainment area conveniently located downtown. It is a great spot to grab some grub, sip some drinks and dance to some outdoor concerts. During the day, guests can walk around and take in the beauty of downtown Kansas City while shopping at numerous places… Read more »

Roller Coasters Not For the Faint of Heart


If you are looking for a thrill, check out these scary roller coasters across the world. From, 120-foot drops to traveling 150 miles per hour, these rides are some of the scariest on the planet. Takabisha in Japan Takabisha is the steepest roller coaster in the world. You can find the ride at Fuji-Q Highland… Read more »

D.C. Serves Up Delicious Dishes


Washington D.C. is famous for its historic landmarks, but it also has some great restaurants. Visitors have a lot of options to choose from and there is a restaurant for every type of foodie. Oya Restaurant & Lounge Oya Restaurant and Lounge is a very fancy option with a menu full of innovative dishes. The… Read more »

Fun Food Festivals in Florida

Corn Fest

Florida hosts a handful of music festivals. But the state also hosts some world famous food festivals. Did you know that about 80 percent of the country’s fresh produce is grown in Florida from January to March? These festivals take full of advantage of Florida’s homegrown goodness. Florida Seafood Festival The Florida Seafood Festival is… Read more »

Great Late Night Eats in Charleston


You can work up quite an appetite rocking out at your favorite concert. Since most concerts get out late, it is hard to find a great place to grab a bite to eat and some drinks. Look no further if you are in Charleston, these places offer delicious food, coffee, wine and even whiskey. Social… Read more »

Rock Out At These Music Museums


One of the best ways to honor music is to take a trip down the history of it. Music museums are a great place to learn about some great music history. From across the world, there are numerous museums offering an in depth look into a variety of music. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… Read more »