Japan’s Themed Cafés

Japan is known for their crazy and different themed cafés. Many of you have probably heard for their cat cafés, but there are a variety of other cafés that are pretty interesting.

@Home Café

@Home Cafe

Courtesy of around-akiba.com

Not only are cat cafés popular in Japan, but so are maid cafés. These cafés are known to have women serve crazy dishes while dressed in skimpy maid costumes. Sometimes the dishes are served in creative shapes like animal faces. The café also has pop dance and performances. @Home Café happens to be the largest maid café in Japan with four floors.

Moomin Café 

Moomin Cafe

Courtesy of metro.co.uk

Moomins were created back in the 1940s and are these cute hippo-like characters that became super popular in Japan. There are a number of books and comics about Moomins and they even have their very own themed café. The Moomin Café is decorated with giant stuffed Moomins and they serve delicious tea and snacks. They also serve sour rye bread, which is popular in Finland and a Finnish artist designed Moomins.

With Bunny

With Bunny

Courtesy of dramafever.com

With Bunny Café is similar to a cat café only it features bunnies. The café is made up of several different rooms and you can buy treats for the animals and even choose which bunny you want to spend time with based on their personality. It is a lot of fun and a great way for people to spend time with animals and help keep animals off the streets. Bunny cafés are becoming more common in Japan, but With Bunny is one of the best.

Gundam Café

The Gundam Café is full of Gundams, which are giant robots that play a huge part in anime. Since the 1970s, the robots have been on a handful of different television shots and they also have build-your-own kits. Gundams have a huge fan base so the café is attracts a lot of people for lunch and dinner with their futuristic look.