Sydney’s Bustling Nightlife

We all know that Sydney, Australia is a great place to catch some live music. It is the biggest city in Australia so a lot of music festivals come to town and a lot of music’s biggest performers also bring their tour to Sydney. But besides catching some live tunes, Sydney is home to a handful of other fun nightlife activities.


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The drinking age in Sydney is only 18, so it is a popular destination for young adults. The beautiful town is full of pubs, clubs and casinos. There is a diverse range of places to go, from low key to high class. The best way to experience the culture in Australia is to visit one of their many pubs.

You will be able to find a number of different pubs and clubs to choose from, just make sure to visit at least one traditional pub to really experience the Aussie culture. Pubs like Elephant and Wheelbarrow, Four in Hand and the pub located in Harbour Rocks Hotel are all great choices.

If you are looking for something a little crazier, there are plenty of nightclubs that play the best music for dancing. Homenight Club is a popular spot for young adults and they play the perfect music to dance to. In fact, this club is really known for its heavy dancing. Dragonfly is another popular place that plays funk music that is also a lot of fun to dance to.

Or if you are looking for more of a place to just hang out, check out Hemmesphere. This club is super sophisticated and is ideal for anyone wanting to get dressed up. It is a fancy club that serves only the best cocktails. If you still want that sophisticated feel, with a large list of cocktails to choose from plus some live music, the Industrie South of France is a terrific place to check out. It has a wide variety of cocktails along with some live jazz.

There are also plenty of casinos to visit in Sydney. Star Casino is one of the most famous and offers gambling, a nightclub and just a fun place to mingle. It sits next to the opera house so the location is perfect. Or another option would be to go out for a bit then come back home and enjoy some gambling on one of the many online casinos like Mansion Casino.

Sydney usually is home to some gorgeous weather that is perfect for strolling the city at night and mingling with other tourists and some friendly locals. You can expect a pretty warm summer, but a beautiful and mild winter. Just be prepared for the occasional rainfall. But there are plenty of spots in Sydney to go to get away from those rainy days.