The Vibrant City of Manchester

Manchester is a very charming city in England that is a place that everyone must try to visit at least once. The locals are known to be very friendly and the food is absolutely tasty. There is so much to do and see in Manchester, but make sure to save some time for their crazy nightlife.

Before you start off your sightseeing, you have to dine at Home Sweet Home. The restaurant is American-themed and offers delicious breakfast, brunch and dinner. The menu includes the best comfort food like pancakes, sandwiches, pulled pork, nachos and milkshakes. After filling up on classic diner food, make sure to order their signature cake for dessert.

Next, you need to check out all of the incredible shopping in the Northern Quarter. The department store Afflecks is a must stop because they sell everything. And I mean everything. You can find things like clothes for clubbing, designer clothing, accessories, piercings and even henna tattoos. They have such crazy clothes that back in 2014, Lady Gaga dropped some serious cash there. There is also a space inside the store where you can work on your creative and artistic side by painting, writing or even acting.

If you don’t feel like going to all of the wild bars and clubs in Manchester, you can go to HOME. It is the perfect place to catch art events and movies. The venue has art exhibits throughout with two theaters and five screening rooms. It is located next to the Manchester Oxford Road train station, which makes it a very convenient spot. HOME also features screenings, study sessions and workshops.

Even if you aren’t looking to visit Manchester for its nightlife, the city has a lot of things to offer and there is something for everyone to enjoy.