If You Want, but Can’t: Turning Missed Experiences into Great Ones Online

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How many times did you get invited to a road trip, a party, a festival even, but you couldn’t make it because… reasons? How many times did you have to decline due to your busy schedule, your finances, your health, or other issues that made it impossible for you to make it? I’m sure it happened to you more than once (or if not, you’re lucky). But even if you can’t make it, you don’t have to miss out on events, good times, and entertainment. Technology now allows you to catch up with your friends, or be there – virtually.


What Doesn’t Happen in Vegas

Can’t make it to Vegas? Let it come to you, with the suggestively named All Jackpots Casino, available at alljackpotscasino.com. While the All Jackpots can’t offer you the glitter and fun of the Strip, it’s the next best thing when it comes to gaming. Of course, you’ll miss the feeling of dressing up, tipping the dealer, and downing a complimentary drink, but you’ll also miss the noise, the crowd, the standing in line next to your favorite blackjack table. The All Jackpots is always open, never crowded, and it’s just a click – or tap – away whenever you want to play. Besides, it can save you some hard-earned money – you won’t have to worry about travel expenses, lodging, and dining either. While it can’t offer its visitors the complete Vegas experience, the All Jackpots has everything a Vegas casino has – maybe even more.


When you Miss the Show

Some festivals stream their major events online, but many don’t. This means that sometimes you miss out on great moments if you can’t make it there in real life. But the internet is here to help: you can catch up on major events, and relive your favorite moments, thanks to online services like Qello.

Qello is a service that brings your favorite artists’ greatest moments into your home – or your pocket if you want. It has an amazing collection of recordings of concerts, performances, documentaries, and other music-related materials that you can stream on-demand on any digital device you might own: smartphones, media centers, gaming consoles, set-top boxes – you name it. And if you don’t have a specific artist in mind, you can always choose one of its 30 genre-specific channels with non-stop concerts of the greatest artists of all time. All this for a flat fee of $7.99 a month, or $69.99 a year.


The Future is Virtual

The current technology can help you see places far away, but the experience is still not ideal. But this might change soon, thanks to the emerging virtual reality solutions. While many think of VR as a gamers’ technology, it’s not – it will change the way people experience online entertainment completely.

If you have always dreamed of exploring the depths of the Sahara desert, or the peaks of the Mount Everest, but never had the chance to do it in person, VR can bring it closer to you. Imagine being part of an expedition to the Himalayas even if you only have a spare hour during a workweek. Or diving to explore the Titanic without ever leaving your couch. All this will be made possible by virtual reality sooner rather than later. And you’ll never miss an experience again.