Why Your History Shouldn’t Hold You Back From Where You Want to Go

Remember middle school? Just kidding, don’t think about that–unless you’re a glutton for punishment. For many of us, the teen years were some dark times of trying out different personalities, likes, dislikes, relationships, friendships, jobs and so forth. If that wasn’t bad enough, that feeling of uncertainty often haunts us till we’re in our twenties… Read more »

Dress to Impress Yourself

hipster girl fashion

You don’t have to lecture me (Mom) about the value of a good education. Where we differ is where you get that education. I spent your wad of cash going to school and learned two things: how to manipulate people to get what I want and how to spot people who are manipulating me. Now… Read more »

Phish at the Forum 10/24/14


My big brother has been following Phish from the days of them playing small clubs in Upstate New York. I wish I could say that. He scoffs at my pipe dream to hit the road and follow them like a Phish-head groupie—eating grilled cheese out of the back of a Subaru Forrester, smelling like all kinds of… Read more »

Summer Ends Festival 2014

summer ends fest 2014

I love a music festival! Obviously. But really. When a new one springs up I can not wait to pack up the day camping supplies. The Summer Ends Festival, albeit not entirely new, restarted what they began in 2007. They took a hiatus during the worst part of the Great Recession, but this year they… Read more »

Music Festival Travel Made Easy

music festival travel

Recently, I was given the opportunity to cover two of the biggest New Year’s Eve festivals in the country: Lights All Night and SnowGlobe Music Festival. Once I realized what I was in for, I immediately began calculating ways to save money in an attempt to not only make this one of the best trips of… Read more »

Coachella 2015 Sold Out Already?

coachella 2015 sold out

Is Coachella 2015 Sold Out  already? No, but your chances of buying a ticket just got much harder. Coachella 2015 presale, which confusingly goes on sale seemingly minutes after current festivities have ended, sold out in the span of a couple hours. This is noticeably less time than it took for 2014’s presale to sell out… Read more »

Outside Lands 2014 Listening Guide Part 4

Outside Lands 2014 Listening Guide Part 4

Outside Lands 2014 Listening Guide Part 4 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Heartland Rock, Blues Call us old schooled, but this is a great billing for Outside Lands. At this point in his career, Tom Petty really doesn’t need an introduction. His live band is composed of seasoned performers, each who contribute to the dynamic… Read more »