Things for Campers to do before and after the shows at McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2015

As a local and long-time finder of all things cool in Phoenix, I have some tips, tricks and secrets to share with those driving in and/or camping in Downtown Phoenix for the McDowell Mountain Music Festival. What to do before and after you go in to the Festival   First, let’s get you oriented. The… Read more »

Ultra Miami 2015 Announces Phase 1 Includes Skrillex, Avicii & More

Kygo‘s unreleased ”ID” and Vicetone‘s latest track “Follow Me” will be the official anthems of Ultra Maimi. The pair are a perfect match for the 16-years-and-running mad party in the southern sin city. Kygo’s signature happy melodies and groove-worthy percussion put me in the mood—United we dance!   Said best by our friends over at, Ultra is one of the longest… Read more »

What happens after the Super Bowl XLIX leaves town

Why does everyone make a big thing about the Super Bowl coming to town? Friends from long ago pop up like crocus through the snow looking for a place to stay, roadways and restaurants are obnoxiously full and your once-pleasant waiter is now a tired, annoyed automaton watching the clock or hiding in the cooler… Read more »

2015 Coachella Music Festival Full Lineup

Well isn’t this the best First News of 2015! Coachella Music Festival announced the lineup and you’ll never guess who’s on it. Well, you don’t have to…here it is! The big headliners for the weekends are, respectively, AC/DC, Jack White (I was wondering if he’d show again this year), and Drake. For you seasoned folks,… Read more »