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Ultra Miami 2015 Announces Phase 1 Includes Skrillex, Avicii & More

Kygo‘s unreleased ”ID” and Vicetone‘s latest track “Follow Me” will be the official anthems of Ultra Maimi. The pair are a perfect match for the 16-years-and-running mad party in the southern sin city. Kygo’s signature happy melodies and groove-worthy percussion put me in the mood—United we dance!   Said best by our friends over at, Ultra is one of the longest… Read more »

Last minute camping sites at campgrounds for Coachella 2015

camping at coachella

Just got tickets for Coachella and need a place to stay? Why not camp? I know how ya’ll are excellent planners with school in the throws of mid-terms, busy weekends filled with catching up on all the crap you put off all week and every night watching Tivo’ed episodes of Scandal, American Idol, The Walking… Read more »

Who Cares About Football when the Puppy Bowl Comes to Arizona?

A large group of people were clapping and hollering, some famous football player was trying to make the crowd get amped up, photos and phones were out everywhere. I was likely in the background of at least 50 instagram posts, in which you can see me power-walking like an 80s arobic instructor on my way to… Read more »

MMMF 2014 Line-up Announcement and a Party Foul

MMMF 2015 lineup

This year the McDowell Mountain Music Festival organizers did something different. They hosted a Lineup Announcement Beer Bash Party. (No finer words have been spoken into my ears. Beer—Music Festival—Line-up announcement—Party). The gig was at Copper Blues in Phoenix and featured local bands The Haymarket Squares and The Senators. Deschutes beer was poured. Fun was had. And… Read more »