Are Governor’s Ball VIP Tickets Worth It?

If you’re asking yourself, ‘Are Governor’s Ball VIP tickets worth it?’, our editors say, ‘YES!’. But the Gov Ball is a unique case, offering two styles of VIP tickets. The biggest difference between the two? A chunk of change in the tune of $1000. Standard VIP Tickets allow you access to VIP viewing areas in… Read more »

Governor’s Ball Ticket Prices

Governor’s Ball Ticket Prices Governor’s Ball Regular GA 3-Day Tickets – $220 Single Day Tickets (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) – $95 3-Day Regular VIP Tickets – $470 Single Day Regular VIP Tickets – $180 Super VIP 3-Day Tickets – $470 Market resale typically reflects original cost. Governor’s Ball Transportation Ticket Prices MNHTN Ferry 3-Day Tickets –… Read more »

Bonnaroo Art Installations

There’s a host of Bonnaroo art installations this year, featuring some completely unique draws. From comedy to microbreweries, Bonnaroo has it all. Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect to see in 2013. [Adult Swim] Presents: Pageant of the Cosmos Games, prizes, and a unique cosmic experience at Centeroo. Things You’ve Never Seen… Read more »

Bonnaroo Drug Use

Maybe we’re missing something, but the Bonnaroo drug use has never seemed too prevalent. Sure, you have your pockets of marijuana smokers scattered throughout the grounds, but there’s generally nothing crazy to report on here. Again, allow this to serve as a disclaimer, we suggest you always purchase your drugs beforehand (provided you’re into this… Read more »

Bonnaroo Food and Beverages

Bonnaroo Food and Beverages take quite a bit of pride, offering a veritable ‘oasis’ in place of the typical stadium junk food. The menu of gourmet food trucks offer cuisine in the style of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. Centeroo and the Main Venue offer a vast array of trucks, serving meals at reasonable music… Read more »

What’s the Crowd at Bonnaroo Like?

Many people have asked us what’s the crowd at Bonnaroo like? in relation to other major music festivals. Here’s a brief overview. Bonnaroo attracts a very large audience, occurring after Coachella each year. Don’t be surprised to see thousands of locals – this is essentially the equivalent of the biggest festival on this respective side… Read more »

What’s the Weather at Bonnaroo Like?

Asking yourself what’s the weather at Bonnaroo like? Buckle up for the three H’s – hazy, hot and humid. Music festivals have a reputation for being incredibly hot. Bonnaroo fits that mold certainly, but also takes the form of another devil – the inescapable element of humidity. Festival goers accustom to blinding temperatures in California… Read more »