What’s the Crowd at Bonnaroo Like?

What’s the Crowd at Bonnaroo Like?

Many people have asked us what’s the crowd at Bonnaroo like? in relation to other major music festivals. Here’s a brief overview.

Bonnaroo attracts a very large audience, occurring after Coachella each year. Don’t be surprised to see thousands of locals – this is essentially the equivalent of the biggest festival on this respective side of the US. Many who missed out on Coachella are present here, also a decidedly high amount of people that deemed the lineup was slightly better for Bonnaroo.

The great thing is very few people are here to dress to impress, more concentrated on the music and the atmosphere. As such, you’re inclined to meet some serious music fans that have a great respect for the live aspect associated with each artist.

There’s a lot to experience here socially. We’ve seen more families here than other music festivals in the past, perhaps this is most attributed to the family oriented attractions and the exceptional zone for children. Regardless, the crowd is definitely that easy going and amiable that families are actually attracted to Bonnaroo.

It won’t take much to blend in with the locals — just make sure you keep an open mind and enjoy the music along the way.