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Big Guava Music Festival 2014

Fledgling Big Guava Music Festival released their lineup today – if you have been watching the festival lineups roll out like we have you will see some familiar faces. Headlining are Outkast, Vampire Weekend, and Foster The People with notable appearances by Cake, Tegan and Sara, Violent Femmes, Girl Talk, Grouplove, HAIM, Earl Sweatshirt and… Read more »

Governor’s Ball Fashion

Governor’s Ball fashion? Well, the name certainly implies some high class. As far as music festivals go, we suppose the fashion is a bit more upscale than average. What else do you expect from the procession of Brooklyn hipsters? Without trying to paint a stuffy picture here, the Governor’s Ball is an opportune time for… Read more »

Traveling Music Festivals With Travel Hymns

Traveling music festivals is a passion of ours. Hence, we’d like to introduce ourselves. We’re a collection of amateur travel writers that pull our resources together to experience the never ending music festival. It’s a tall order, but someone has to chronicle all of the insanity each and every year. We like to think we’re… Read more »

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