International Festival Travel Budget, Smart Money

International festival travel RoskildeLet’s talk international festival travel budgeting. It may not be the most exciting part about shipping off for the experience of a lifetime, but it certainly is a critical component to securing your financial stability when you finally get home.

I have a personal rule I always use for international festival travel. I refer to it as the 2 + 1 + 1 budget. Let’s say out of my overall budget that amounts to ‘4’, half of that number I’m actually spending is used to purchase plane tickets. I’ll typically use that as a bench marker.

Before I actually purchase my plane tickets though, I want to know if the festival admission is no more than half of what I’d spend for the flight. If it isn’t, that gives me another quarter of my allotted budget.

International Festival Travel Budget: Less is More

The next step in the process is to purchase my festival pass if I haven’t already. This takes a long time in certain instances, I’ll always try to find the best deal possible as ticket sales can work differently internationally.  Always ask around for friends or family that have attended the festival before and can help you with advice.

Whatever I spend on my festival pass is all I’m allowed to spend on the actual trip. That’s it. That includes room and board, food, everything. This amounts to the last quarter of my budget and most importantly, I have a great method of understanding exactly how much I intend to spend.

Do you guys have any international festival travel budgeting tips? We’d love for you to share them. There’s all sorts of secrets to getting the job done efficiently, many corners you can cut to save yourself a stack of cash. Commit to spending a lot of money and do everything in your power to save whatever you can.