Music Festival Traveling Introduction, Welcome Music Lovers!

Are you new to music festival traveling? There’s a few things you’ll want to know before you set out on the trip of a lifetime. Many people find themselves in over their head early on when it comes to trekking out and surviving the show. Enjoy the show and learn the basics!

music festival travelingI consider myself a bit of a music festival traveling expert. I’ve been lucky enough to attend more music festivals than I can count on my fingers (running out of toes now!), although it’s come at a lot of sacrifice. There’s plenty of things I wish I knew early on about music festival traveling that would have saved me a lot of headache my first few shows.

This will be a periodic feature here on the site, providing tips to help you survive the madness that is a music festival. Hopefully with my advice you’ll become a music festival traveling junkie yourself!

Music Festival Traveling Tip

SO anyway… Today’s tip!

Always bring a festival buddy. If it’s your first time attending the festival, if you’re new to the area – there’s just endless reasons why you should bring someone along with you. Be advised that if you’re green around the gills when it comes to music traveling, you’ll want a safety net in place to help you along when things get a little dramatic. Besides, who doesn’t want to share such a memorable experience with their closest friends?