Are Governor’s Ball VIP Tickets Worth It?

Are Governor’s Ball VIP Tickets Worth It?

If you’re asking yourself, ‘Are Governor’s Ball VIP tickets worth it?’, our editors say, ‘YES!’. But the Gov Ball is a unique case, offering two styles of VIP tickets. The biggest difference between the two? A chunk of change in the tune of $1000.

Standard VIP Tickets allow you access to VIP viewing areas in close proximity to each stage. These areas offer an escape from the traditional festival experience, built for comfort above everything else.

Governor’s Ball VIP lounges include some fantastic amenities including shaded areas, massage services, recreation games like ping pong and comfortable seating arrangements. These luxury areas also offer your standard VIP cash bar (credit cards can be used as of late). There’s no understating the condition of the bathrooms either – it’s great to escape the humidity with comfortably air conditioned facilities.

Super VIP Tickets allow you access to all the aforementioned perks with quite a bit more.

It starts with car service to and from the Governor’s Ball. This select crowd also has access to a concierge service on-site for all of their customer service needs. This pretty much ensures your festival experience is seamless – definitely can’t be understated if you’re familiar with how these usually work.

It gets better. Enjoy access to the side stages during a variety of different acts throughout the festival. Take the edge off within the Freeloaders Lounge, the exclusive backstage bar with free drinks. Three food tokens are administered every day of the festival to be used at the various food trucks. Finally, receive a merchandise pack that includes 1 festival shirt, 1 poster and pair of sunglasses.

So – Are Governor’s Ball VIP Tickets worth it? Our editors voted, YES. With the relatively low cost for entry level VIP tickets, it’s not exactly price gouging to have a more comfortable experience. The Super VIP tickets are expensive, no doubt, but we believe the advantages justify the expense.