Bonnaroo Food and Beverages

Bonnaroo Bathrooms

Bonnaroo Food and Beverages take quite a bit of pride, offering a veritable ‘oasis’ in place of the typical stadium junk food. The menu of gourmet food trucks offer cuisine in the style of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. Centeroo and the Main Venue offer a vast array of trucks, serving meals at reasonable music festival related prices. You’re covered when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bonnaroo Broo’ers Festival

The Bonnaroo Broo’ers festival is unique to Bonnaroo. This event features more than 20 different breweries in one tent. The official Bonnaroo site indicates festival guests can enjoy hearty bocks, revitalizing pilsners, crisp pale ales and more. Microbreweries are a welcome addition to any music festival. We wish Coachella would sell anything OTHER than Heineken and New Castle.

Bonnaroo Bathrooms

Were you expecting anything fancy from the Bonnaroo bathrooms? It’s a delicate struggle, staying hydrated throughout the sweltering afternoon and staying out of the stinky sauna bathrooms available throughout the Bonnaroo grounds. The humidity makes the bathroom installments relatively impossible to breath in – do your business and do it fast. If nothing else, it makes for a quick line. You don’t want to be stuck inside here during the middle of the afternoon.