What to Wear While Traveling

Now that things are opening back up, it is time to hit the road and finally get in some vacation time. Whether you are riding in a car for a road trip or flying the friendly skies, the number one rule of traveling is to be comfortable! One of the most popular types of clothing… Read more »

What To Use When You Don’t Have A Shower

Have you ever been camping, and I mean hardcore, earth and mud camping, and seen those wooden boxes that when you open the door at the top of the 3 rotten stairs you’re greeted by a dark hole you’re too scared to look into but that has straw shavings all over the place?  Unfortunately, I… Read more »


Source Humanity has come a long way from traveling on horses, and now you can only see them on famous historical Netflix series. Technology opened new avenues of opportunities as we enter the age of globalization and interconnectedness. They call the world a global village now since communication and transportations have never been more accessible… Read more »

5 Must-Try Foods in L.A. You Should Eat Before You Die

Lights, camera, napkin! If you’re heading to LA, come with an empty stomach. With 29,560 restaurants located throughout the city, there’s plenty to indulge in when visiting Los Angeles. But with so many tasty options, where should you start? We’ve narrowed down five must-try foods in LA, so read on to learn more. 1. Wake… Read more »

12 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Wedding More Fun

We usually asked why wedding entertainment is essential – and the main reason is the fact that wedding event duration is extended. There are guests celebrating with you from the wedding ceremony to reception drinks and also the wedding breakfast – after which there is the night party. Therefore it is essential to think up… Read more »

Audio Plugins – The Tools that Help Bring Your Music to Life

There was a time, not too long ago, when the only way to produce music was to spend tons of money hiring huge recording studios so you could have access to their recording equipment. Those were the hay days of record labels when they controlled everything about music, musicians, and the industry as a whole…. Read more »

Tips for Staying Safe During Your Next Trips

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the world has shut down, and many people were forced to cancel their reservations. Many events were cancelled, like the Eurovision and Tomorrowland and sporting fixtures too. The Euro2020 was postponed to 2021 and the Kentucky Derby horse race who was schedules to have happened this May, is now due to… Read more »

Things to Consider Before Planning Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is one of the best ways to get close to nature, and you can find perfect locations under the stars. However, camping should not be underestimated since it can quickly transform into your worst nightmare and ruin your vacation. There are a few things you should know about camping in order to be ready… Read more »