Why So Many Travelers Are Taking Up Bird Spotting

Bird spotting, also known as birdwatching, dates back to the late 18th century when people stopped looking at birds as food, and began admiring them for the creatures they are. Today, bird spotting is part of many lives for a number of reasons – and travel enthusiasts are even getting in on the action. But… Read more »

6 Ways To Prepare For A Tarot Reading Session

Life is interesting as there are so many twists and turns in it. Sometimes, it can be fun, and sometimes, it is going to be tough. We usually end up being in misery, because of the choices that we make. You want enough guidance so that you can make the right decisions to straighten things… Read more »


As you may already know, Dubai is one of the top cities in the world in more than one way. Technology, architecture and world-class infrastructure converged in one and made this amazing city in the UAE. As a result of all the development that has been going on during the last decades (and there’s so… Read more »


Do you imagine owning an apartment on the amazing Madinat Jumeirah living by Dubai Holding and not rocking it with an awesome living room? Total house holding disaster. The living room is one of the main spaces of a house/apartment. It’s a room for gathering, where you receive visits; spend time with family and so… Read more »

4 features to look out for when buying an apartment in Dubai

The purchase of apartments is a very common type of investment throughout the world, since people are always looking for new places to invest, either to live in or to just rent it out and earn profit. The city of Dubai is not far behind when it comes to real estate investment. Instead, it is… Read more »


Dubai has a lot on its catalog, from man-made attractions and developments to an exquisite quantity of real estate companies that compete in the market today. But when it comes to real estate developers, Meraas Holding is, for sure, one of the best. With a wide catalog which offers many types of homes and communities,… Read more »


Dubai is one of those unique places in the world where investing always tends to be a good choice, no matter what. With a growing economy and lucrative returns on property investment, Dubai is basically a heaven to invest in the real estate market, particularly off plan projects in Dubai. These types of projects are… Read more »

Top Gambling Cities Across the World

Some cities around the world are known for their gambling and all-start casinos. You may have even wondered where is the largest casino in the world might be. But it doesn’t matter the size of the casino, these cities are home to a number of spots where you can test your luck and gamble. Next… Read more »

Choosing the Right Tobacco Pipe for You

Did you know that not all tobacco pipes are the same? It might sound silly, but it actually takes a lot of time and research to find the right tobacco pipe for you. Not only do you need to find the right style, but you also need to make sure you avoid poorly made pipes…. Read more »

Golden bridges continues to shine Da Nang tourism in 2019

Imitating the image of the “giant hands of Gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the land,” said Vu Viet Anh, Design Principal at TA Landscape Architecture. A  magnificent  bridge  was  inaugurated last  June  in Da Nang,  named  “Golden Bridge” (Cau Vang in Vietnamese). Overlooking  the  hills  of  Ba  Na  region,  the bridge is… Read more »