5 Must-See European Destinations for Over 50

Do you really need to slow down in later life? If you’re about to retire or are already enjoying a work-free lifestyle, you may find that you have more free time and cash to do what you want, when you want. So why not travel, the world is your oyster? Europe as a continent, has… Read more »

How to Travel for Free: 5 Volunteer Opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a ton of money to travel. After airfares, visas and insurance, it’s actually possible to live and work in another country completely for free! Volunteering is a rewarding way to get exploring sooner than you think, but how can you get started? WWOOFing If you’re a lover of… Read more »

How Digital Nomads go on Honeymoon

After getting through the expense and stress of planning your wedding and the pre-wedding parties, the honeymoon should be an enjoyable getaway from it all. Whether you settle on braving an outdoor adventure, hitting a sandy beach, or exploring a new city on your bucket list, this trip is all about celebrating your marriage. Also,… Read more »

3 Ways to Start a Remote Company

If you’ve been in the business world for more than three minutes, you recognize that every company is unique. Some businesses could never fully succeed in a remote working environment for a wide variety of factors including the nature of their company, the services they offer, and the way they hire their employees to name… Read more »

Most Instagram-Worthy Places You Have To Discover in London

Gorgeous travel pictures are easy to produce when you have access to stunning scenery. These days, with everyone uploading their travel photos to Instagram and other social media sites, it shouldn’t be a surprise that tourists choose the best-looking areas of each city to visit. In London, there are a number of interesting places to… Read more »

Prepping For Your First Burning Man

Burning Man 2018 is almost upon us as the annual event takes place August 26th to September 3rd. And if this is your first time attending the epic event, you will want to make sure you take the time to prepare! Burning Man Located in the temporary city of Black Rock City, which is in… Read more »

Don’t Let These Problems Destroy Your Romantic Relationship

Relationship challenges or problems are a common thing among most couples since no marriage is perfect. According to research, a relationship problem on one couple would repeatedly occur while for another pair the same problem would be solvable once it has happened. Side note, if you are looking for an older partner then visit Sugar… Read more »

Sports That You Should Try When Travelling

If you are lucky enough to be able to travel the world then you should definitely take advantage of that opportunity. When you are travelling you are opening yourself up to new experiences and it is always a good idea to do things you’ve never done before. One of the great things that you can… Read more »