The Best Technology Gifts in 2020

We’ve all been there – it’s someone’s birthday, graduation or even Christmas, and it managed to sneak up on you. Again. You need a great gift, and fast, but you don’t want to resort to the dreaded scented candle or a random gift card.  Why not offer the gift of technology? That’s right, tech and… Read more »

Your City of Lights Bucket List: 6 Places to See in Paris

Are you heading to France for a vacation? Don’t leave home without first reading about our seven favorite places to see in Paris. Bon voyage! Planning a trip to Paris can be both overwhelming and exciting. With so many places to see in Paris, how do you choose just a few? While you may want… Read more »

Traveling for Holidays?

As New Year rapidly approaches it’s quickly becoming one of, if not the main topic of many conversations. Plenty of people know weeks, sometimes months, in advance where they plan on spending it, others wait for the last minute for an offer to appear, some work, some stay home. Where some people enjoy planning and… Read more »

4 Must-See Places to Visit on the West Coast

While many outside the region equate the country’s west coast with L.A.’s golden beaches, Hollywood stars and endless beautiful people, there’s a whole lot more to be discovered. California alone boasts 3,427 miles of coastline – combined with Washington State’s 3,026 miles and Oregon’s 1,410, that’s quite a bit of ground to cover, not to… Read more »

The Different Holiday Traditions Around the World

Christmas is celebrated around the world and each year, different traditions take place from all over to celebrate the holidays. Here are some of our favorite holiday traditions that take place across the globe, so don’t forget to travel to one of these events one Christmas! The DiWali Festival of Lights The 5-day festival is… Read more »

New Innovations in the World of Travel

Thanks to improvements in science and technology, our lifestyles are constantly changing. From smartphones to smart homes, we’ve used technology to improve our lives and make daily actions more efficient in thousands of little ways. It’s also made an impact on the way we travel. Whether it’s going on the Internet to look at your… Read more »

How To Have A Great Time At An Outdoor Festival

Are you going abroad to enjoy a festival – a festival holiday if you will? If so, these tips are here to make the process smoother and more enjoyable.  Get An External Battery For Your Phone Instead of spending most of the weekend waiting in line to charge your phone, consider bringing your own external… Read more »


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Can Anyone Apply For a Payday Loan Online

There are 12 million American adults using a payday loan per year. The statistics show that three-quarters of the adults use a storefront lender to apply for the unsecured loan while one quarter uses online lenders to apply for the payday loan online. These days, it is easy to get approved for a loan. Since… Read more »