How to Explore Mogollon Rim In an RV

The Mogollon Rim is a geological feature that cuts across the northern half of Arizona in the United States. It is a rugged escarpment that extends about 320 km (200 miles) and it forms the Colorado Plateau’s southern limit.

It begins in Yavapai County which is in the north and runs eastwards ending at the border of New Mexico. This Rim that extends across the entire stretch of the forest provides great views of Desert Canyon County and Plateau County. You may wish to read about the state of Arizona here.

It also provides some far-reaching and fascinating scenery in Arizona dropping at some areas to as much as 2000 feet. Its most spectacular and central portions are marked by high cliffs of sandstone and limestone. These are the Coconino Sandstone and the Kaibab Limestone.

These two were created from sediments that were deposited during the Permian and Carboniferous periods. The Mogollon Rim itself came about through the action of erosion and faulting and these cut dramatic canyons into the rim. These include the Pine Canyon and the Fossil Creek Canyon. Its uppermost stratum is called Coconino Sandstone and these forms striking white cliffs that can sometimes be several feet high.

Most of its rock formations can also be seen on the walls of the Grand Canyon. The Rim is also capped or buried by substantial basaltic lava flows in several places. A lot of the lands in the south of the Mogollon Rim are 1200 to 1500m above sea level.  

The Mogollon Rim is home to various faunal and floristic species some of which are characteristic of its various features. Some of these species are indigenous to the Mexican Sierra Madre Occidental which is on the slopes below. It is named after Don Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollon who was New Mexico Governor from 1712 to 1715.

Fun Things That You Can Do In Mogollon Rim

Lots of people visit the Mogollon Rim for sightseeing. Its scenic views stretching from its rocky precipice and to the Peaks of the Mazatzals make for delightful viewing. The forest area boasts a renowned system of hiking as well as horseback trails. These coupled with lakes provide an opportunity to indulge in activities like horse riding, hiking, fishing, skiing, etc.

Other fun things you can do include bird watching, hunting, mountain biking and special events like rodeo, fiddle contest, mud runs, etc. You can visit natural landmarks and gaze upon the stars at night. Additionally, going in an RV exploring Mogollon Rim and its beauty is a sightseeing experience you may not want to pass off on.

This interesting geological feature plays host to various camps. One of these is Camp Coley which is an adventure camp located at Little Moqui. There are also various RV campgrounds where you can set up camp and drive around while visiting the various scenic views of the Rim. Some of the best RV campgrounds to visit include:

Mogollon Campground

This RV campground has 26 different sites. These sites are spread out in two loops (13 in each loop) with each site having a picnic table, fire ring and grill. You will find drinking water, vault toilets and trash service close by for your convenience.

Sites 14 through to 26 are only available through advanced reservation at $18 per night. All sites in this campground are pull-outs and they are approximately 40 feet. They can accommodate trailers, pop-up campers, tents and motor homes. A host is also available at each site.

You can locate the Mogollon Campground within the first five minutes you drive down Rim Road. It is located to the left and is one of the most attractive spots for parking RVs.

Spillway Campground

Spillway is a camp by the lake. If you prefer to camp close to water, then this is where to park your RV. The campground is located close to the shores of Woods Canyon Lake and has an excellent view of the water. This peaceful campground has 26 campsites and is encompassed by ponderosa pine trees.

Each of the sites has a charcoal grill, picnic table, fire ring and vault toilets close by. There is also the Woods Canyon Store nearby where you can buy the supplies you need. The Spillway requires that you make reservations ahead and it cost $28 to camp here per night.

Rim Campground

This campground is a short distance from Mogollon Campground. Due to its closeness to the edge of the cliff, it has breathtaking 100-mile views. The Rim also has 26 sites with the same kinds of amenities found at Mogollon Campground. That means that whichever of the two you choose, you will enjoy the same RV camping experience.

The other campgrounds available are Aspen, Canyon Point Crook, Sinkhole and FR 9350. You can read more about these campgrounds here

You should however bear in mind that the best time to visit the Mogollon Rim is between May and October each year. This is because the place sees a lot of snow during winter. 


If you are looking for some adventure and to enjoy breathtaking views then the Mogollon Rim is the place to be. There are many fun activities to do. You can camp as well as move around in an RV, go hiking, skiing, go fishing and lots more.