Five Things to Do After a Crane Accident

If you love touring places and seeing beautiful things, then Long Island is for you. Apart from being the longest island in the United States, Long Island also has fantastic attractions. Beautiful beaches, the Hamptons, and Gold Coast Mansions are just a few examples of the beautiful scenery in Long Island.

Being a densely populated island, Long Island has many activities going on, including construction. Therefore it is possible that you can get involved in a crane accident while touring Long Island. In case such an awful thing happens to you, it is advisable that you sue for a crane accident.

Finding an experienced attorney in crane accidents will be a huge step toward getting compensation for your injuries. Even when carefully operated, being giant machines, cranes can still cause accidents. Crane accidents not only affect the operators, but also people around the construction site like pedestrians.

Here are five things to do if injured by a crane while touring Long Island.

1. Seek Medical Attention

It is essential that you first seek medical attention if you have been involved in a crane accident. Get yourself checked out by medical professionals whether your injuries are slight or severe. Visit an emergency room and get medical professionals to examine you properly after an accident.

 It is essential to make sure that you are safe before you proceed to the next steps. 

2. File a Report with Management

If it is possible that you can contact the management of the construction site, then immediately report the accident. You might need to file a detailed report of what happened and how you were injured. 

Sometimes you might be admitted to the hospital for severe injuries for a long time. In such a case, have your family file a report with management. 

3. Keep Well-Documented Reports

Taking complete notes of what happened will be very useful. Full notes may include what you saw, heard, and felt when the accident occurred. You also might want to have notes about feelings during the treatment and healing process.

You may also consider your feelings of sadness, nervousness, frustration, and depression during the accident. Keeping complete notes of events will significantly help you prove your case for compensation.  

4. Preserve Evidence 

Evidence is key when it comes to court cases. If you can take and preserve evidence during an accident, then please do so. Evidence you might have may include photographs of where the crane accident occurred.

Also, take pictures of your injuries if you can and the other people involved in the accident. It is important that you preserve that evidence.

5. Contact a Lawyer

Contacting crane accident lawyers is another critical step you may consider taking. A lawyer will help you file a case and even represent you in court. So you need to provide them with complete details of how and when the accident occurred.

In filing a claim, provide your lawyer with facts about the case, police and medical reports, and even financial documents. It is vital that your lawyer know everything about the accident for proper representation.

Be Informed

Touring Long Island may be among the best experiences in your life. Having a great time by yourself or with your family or friends on Long Island is something to yearn for. 

However, an unfortunate thing like a crane accident may occur while touring Long Island. Therefore you need to know the steps you should consider in case a crane accident occurs.