Thing to Do when Staying in Jaco Beach Resort Costa Rica

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Tourists around the world have a generally good opinion of Costa Rica. This country is famous for its excellent geographical position between the Atlantic and the Pacific and for having one of the most immense biodiversity in the world. Besides, the way of life in this country is relaxed and unburdened, which contributed to a high Happiness Index (unusual for Latin American countries). So, if you want a vacation for both soul and body, let Costa Rica be your next destination.

People have different definitions of heaven on earth. But in most cases, their notion of divine landscapes refers to the crystal clear sea and long sandy beaches, with palm trees and a relaxed atmosphere. You can find all this in Jaco, a coastal town in Costa Rica, one of this country’s tourist backbones.

Considering the tourist boom in Jaco, the offer of accommodation is more than excellent. Depending on your wishes and finances, you can choose between luxury villas, budget-friendly hotels, and guesthouses located right next to the beach, or resorts like Jaco Beach Resort Costa Rica, where you can experience luxury at its best. And when you’re already there, you can enjoy various activities and make the most of your vacation.


The beach in Jaca town is quite unusual and may not be one of the most beautiful in Costa Rica, but it’s definitely worth seeing. The sand on it is unusually dark in color, almost black. In a collision with the crystal clear ocean, it gives an unusual contrast. But the bottom is rocky, and the water is turbulent, so it’s not too safe for inexperienced swimmers. But it’s a true paradise for surfers who adore these waters.

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned surfer, Jaco Beach has it all, depending on the tide height. When low, the waves are not too high, so beginners can take their surf lessons in one of the many camps in Jaco. And when the currents are messy, the waves are higher, which is a real challenge for experienced surfers. And since this town is a popular destination for this water sport, it lacks no board rentals.

If you’re into water sports, but surfing is a bit too much for you, try paddling boarding on Playa Herradura and Playa Mantas. The water here is calm, so you can practice standing on the board or just float lightly and enjoy the view of the colorful sea life. And if you’re into fishing, Playa Herradura is great to throw bait. Mantas is home to manta rays, so fishing here is not recommended.

Explore Wildlife

The rainforests surrounding Jaco hide a multitude of flora and fauna, some of which you have never seen in your life. So if you are attracted by the idea to explore Costarican wildlife, you can head to one of the many national parks and reserves located no more than an hour of driving from Jaco.

If you want to enjoy the incredible landscape and walking tours, head to Carara National Park. Trails are kids-friendly, so your youngest ones will have a chance to experience the wilderness at its best. They can even see crocodiles up to 16 feet in length (from a safe distance) on the famous crocodile bridge.

Some safety tips on hiking with kids are listed below:

Another place abounding in wildlife is National Park Manuel Antonio. While Carara might be popular for crocodile watching, this place is excellent if you want to see the rest of animal life residing in Costa Rica. There you can see monkeys, birds, all kinds of reptiles, and all kinds of creatures lurking above your head. Beaches in this park are excellent for a quick dip and refreshment.

Go on Adventures

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Jaco is not great just because of its beautiful landscape but also for providing many chances to experience authentic adventures in nature. A variety of activities are provided for adrenaline junkies of all sorts. But if you’re not exclusive, you can have them all if you opt for a full-day adventure pass. That way, you can see the most for a price that is drastically lower if all activities were done separately. 

Full tours usually include horseback riding, hiking, touring, and rappelling waterfalls in lush rainforests near Jaco. You can also take popular canopy tours or ziplining, which are the pinnacle of adrenaline. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a relaxing 4×4 ride and a view of the breathtaking jungle from a whole new perspective.

Sunset Cocktail for Evening Relaxation

Jaco’s beaches are a huge attraction and the perfect place for a sunset cocktail in one of the many beach bars. There are also many shops and restaurants in the area, so you can spend your evening walking around and checking local products and souvenirs.

If you are interested in learning more about Costa Rican culture, you should consider visiting Jaco’s Playa Hermosa. There you can experience the culture and traditions of the people who live in the region. You can take a guided walking tour of the public artworks in Jaco. The tour takes about an hour and features numerous colorful murals. 

 Nightlife at Its Best

After a day filled with adventures, you can enjoy Jaco’s nightlife (if you’re not exhausted). The main strip of Jaco is a bustling hub of activity. When the sun goes down, the atmosphere in this coastal place is at its peak, as many bars and clubs become party places. 

Depending on your style and mood, you can hit sports bars, late-dining restaurants, or clubs with pool parties. Or you can tour them all, starting from having a great meal and a glass of fine wine in cafes to the insanity of clubs where DJs make the people go wild. Here’s the list of authentic Costa Rica drinks to try.

January is approaching, and that is the best time to visit Costa Rica and its jewel Jaco. So if you are thinking about your next travel destination, let this country be on your list. You won’t regret because you will have a vacation like never before.