Bathroom Design Trends That Will Renew Your Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom renovation is one of the preferred ways to renew your home. It’s also a great way to spend that extra cash you have at home by doing some upgrades on your first-floor design. You can redo or renovate it using the latest trends in the market through bathroom designs ideas for small bathrooms, master bathrooms, and luxurious bathrooms.

Your bathroom is no longer just a functional area at home. It has evolved to become the favorite spot in your home for you and your loved ones to relax or do some personal grooming. You can now redesign this functional space into a luxurious, relaxing sanctuary, adding custom details that will suit your family’s lifestyle. Here are some bathroom design trends to inspire you in making your home’s first floor look more modern and luxurious.

Your bathroom décor and design should reflect your personality and lifestyle. It’s no longer just a place for you to brush your teeth and take a bath; rather, it should be an area where you’ll feel relaxed while unwinding after a long day at work. You can achieve this by adding personalized details, custom cabinets, and modern accessories like neon signs from the Neon Mama team.

Here are some bathroom design trends you’ll surely love if you want your home’s first floor to look stylish yet modern:

Tile Trends for Bathroom Flooring Design

Tile is a practical yet stylish flooring material that can transform your bathroom into a luxury space. There are various tile options on the market, and it comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors you can choose from. Tile adds texture to your bathroom’s design and gives off a polished look once laid perfectly on the floor.

You can also add stone or glass tile for a trendy design that looks sophisticated and luxurious. Opt for modern geometric shapes such as hexagon and octagon tiles if you want to give your bathroom’s tile flooring an edge.

Customized Rugs for the Bathroom

You can add a touch of style to your bathroom flooring with customized rugs. You can find rug sizes that will fit well in your bathroom. Floor rugs are also very practical because it acts as insulation, making your bathroom more comfortable, especially during cold seasons. Floor rugs also prevent slipping and protect your bathroom’s tile flooring from damage.

You can also choose a rug with a pile material, which is soft and comfortable to step on. A bathroom rug will make the area more inviting for kids to play in or adults to relax after a long day at work or school. You can also layer it with other rugs of different shapes and sizes to create a more distinctive design.

Wall Tile Design for Bathroom Walls

If you want a bathroom wall makeover, consider using tiles as your bathroom’s accent wall. Tiles naturally give off a clean look to the room, and they can transform a bland bathroom into an area where you can unwind after a long day at work. You can choose from various tiles with different textures, colors, and patterns to give your bathroom design an edge.

Maintaining this elegant accent wall is also easy because you have to wipe it off with a damp cloth for the grout lines. Opt for hexagon or octagon tiles to create a modern design if you want a trendy look that will surely impress your guests.

Different Bathroom Vanity Fittings and Accessories

Bathrooms nowadays have various vanities with different shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s an intelligent way to add an accent wall inside your bathroom, especially if you want it to look stylish yet sleek. If you don’t like to use too much space, you can choose a minimalist style that suits smaller bathrooms. If you have a larger bathroom, opt for a double sink vanity counter.

Adding an elegant mirror above your vanity will complete the look of your bathroom because it’s one of the most practical yet stylish décor pieces you should have inside this room. You can also have a vintage-inspired mirror if you want something that looks classic and antique to achieve an elegant bathroom design.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink Faucet

The wall-mounted sink faucet is another practical yet stylish addition to your bathroom’s interior. It allows you to save space because it mounts on the wall, and the design is efficient for small bathrooms where you don’t have much room to spare. Wall-mounted faucets are also sleek stylish and come in different finish options. Choose a faucet that will complement your choice of bathroom vanity lights and tiles to achieve a more cohesive interior design for your whole bathroom space.

Lighting Fixture Design – A Must-Have for Any Bathroom Interior

You can transform your bathroom into a spa-like space with the right lighting fixture you choose. It’s also practical to have lighting fixtures inside your bathroom because it ensures safety while bathing, especially in bathrooms with no windows to filter natural light. Lighting fixtures can be a stylish yet practical addition to your bathroom because of the various designs they come in.

Special effects lighting fixtures, for example, will make your bathroom look modern and elegant while adding an exquisite design element to your room. They come in different shapes like cylindrical or rectangular for more sophisticated interior decoration. You can also choose from different colors, finishes, and lightbulb types that will best suit your bathroom’s existing décor.

Remodel Your Bathroom Today

The bathroom has always been a favorite spot in your home for you and your loved ones to relax and do some personal grooming. You can now turn this functional space into a luxurious sanctuary, adding custom details that will suit your family’s lifestyle. 

Bathroom design might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be with the right inspiration and guidance from H&A My Design. If you need some ideas, will help you come up with a bathroom interior design that will transform your space into a relaxing haven for your whole family to enjoy.