The Best Festivals to Visit Greece

If there’s one thing that Greeks love above all else, it’s celebrating life! Throughout the summer, locals would gather around for festivals, which usually includes lots of dancing and singing and wining and dining. Some of the festivals are religious, while others are centred around culture and history. If you’re curious and want to be part of these fun festivals, check out this list of the best festivals in Greece.

  1. Argostoli in Kefalonia 

The International Music Festival in Argostoli is held annually during the third weekend of August and features concerts by several contemporary Greek artists and other international musicians. Argostoli is a beautiful town and the capital of Kefalonia that has an archaeological museum featuring an interesting display of archaeological findings from the Hellenistic, Mycenaean, and Roman eras. If you’re thinking of attending the music festival, think about renting a Kefalonia villa with an infinity pool, especially if you are travelling in big groups.

  1. Rockwave Festival 

The Rockwave Festival has been taking place in Greece since 1996. It’s an annual live music festival hosting contemporary pop and rock artists and bands. The venue is in TerraVibe Park in Malakasa, about an hour and a half drive from the centre of Athens. It features breathtaking natural surroundings, with camping sites, shops, and bars. Rockwave is one of the most popular music festivals in Europe and draws thousands of visitors each year.  

  1. Plissken Festival 

Plissk├źn Festival is one of the leading festivals in Greece that gathers some of the world’s most iconic artists alongside the best alternative and up and coming talents in the music industry. Aside from celebrating a broad mix of music styles, Plissk├źn continues to push the boundaries of its social and environmental ethos. The festival will take place in June for two days and be held at the Technopolis City of Athens.

  1. The Eternal Festival 

The Eternal Festival is a three-day music and arts festival that marks the unveiling of a sculptural installation inspired by the history of Delos, an island famous for its archaeological ruins, including the Doric temples, markets, and theatre. Delos is a major cultural centre in the ancient world and the site for what is believed to be the first cross-cultural festival in human history. The Eternal Festival will feature a wide array of panel discussions regarding contemporary arts and architecture, the preservation of dance and music traditions, and the history of Delos. For those that want to make the most of their indulgent Greek trip, the island is only a 30 min boat trip away from Mykonos, which means it’s possible to take a day tour of Mykonos when attending the festival.

  1. Supa Dupa Fly Santorini

Supa Dupa Fly is an event that showcases the best hip-hop and R&B performances. The event, which started in London, has built a reputation for the liveliest of parties, celebrating the best of hip-hop and R&B culture from the nineties to today. Supa Dupa Fly will be held in Santorini for its seventh year, blending their celebration of hip-hop and R&B with four days and nights of wild parties. Parties will be held on some of the most exclusive private beaches all over the island, with several famous DJs coming to perform.