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Chartering A Yacht 101: What You Need To Know

Last summer you took our advice and booked a holiday nearer to home and enjoyed everything Brighton has to offer. While it was nice to not have to travel far, this next holiday you are ready for a little more adventure. A vacation to the sunny Bahamas is always a great idea. Booking a yacht… Read more »

5 Reasons To Move To West Palm Beach

Florida has a lot of things going for it to be a top destination for people looking to move. If you’re looking at where to live in Florida in particular, then West Palm Beach needs to be at the top of your list. It is quintessentially Florida. When you think of palm tree lined boulevards,… Read more »

Your dream holiday in Canary Islands

If you are thinking about where to spend your next vacation don’t do it anymore. White sand, warm weather and many outdoor activities you can imagine. Gran Canaria and Tenerife are the answer, but it is important to keep in mind what things you need in your holidays: stay, recreational activities and get to know… Read more »

Best Things to Do in Fukuoka

As the capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan and the biggest city on the island of Kyushu, Fukuoka is an amazing place to discover Japanese culture. It has a historical side in the way of temples, shrines and ancient buildings, while also staying modern. Its location along the sea also offers some great beaches,… Read more »

Your City of Lights Bucket List: 6 Places to See in Paris

Are you heading to France for a vacation? Don’t leave home without first reading about our seven favorite places to see in Paris. Bon voyage! Planning a trip to Paris can be both overwhelming and exciting. With so many places to see in Paris, how do you choose just a few? While you may want… Read more »

4 Must-See Places to Visit on the West Coast

While many outside the region equate the country’s west coast with L.A.’s golden beaches, Hollywood stars and endless beautiful people, there’s a whole lot more to be discovered. California alone boasts 3,427 miles of coastline – combined with Washington State’s 3,026 miles and Oregon’s 1,410, that’s quite a bit of ground to cover, not to… Read more »

New Innovations in the World of Travel

Thanks to improvements in science and technology, our lifestyles are constantly changing. From smartphones to smart homes, we’ve used technology to improve our lives and make daily actions more efficient in thousands of little ways. It’s also made an impact on the way we travel. Whether it’s going on the Internet to look at your… Read more »

Some of the Cheapest Flights from Phoenix

If you have plans to go for a holiday, then you must be thinking about a cheap flight from Phoenix. There are several online resources that you can utilize to find and book cheap flights to other parts of the world. The online platforms will also offer information to help you compare the flight fares… Read more »