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Vacation Destinations for Every Personality Type

Everyone’s got their preferences, and with the Myers-Briggs Personality test available for people to take for free, it’s even easier to understand yourself and your needs based on your personality type. And with summer coming up, it means family vacations  and trips are on the horizon. Not every type of personality does well in every… Read more »

5 Best Jobs For Travelers

Is it your dream to travel around the world with no attachment to any city, state or country? Have you always wanted to travel around the world but couldn’t bring yourself to do it because you didn’t think it would be possible to keep a stable job while you travel? If you’re in this situation,… Read more »

Why So Many Travelers Are Taking Up Bird Spotting

Bird spotting, also known as birdwatching, dates back to the late 18th century when people stopped looking at birds as food, and began admiring them for the creatures they are. Today, bird spotting is part of many lives for a number of reasons – and travel enthusiasts are even getting in on the action. But… Read more »


Dubai has a lot on its catalog, from man-made attractions and developments to an exquisite quantity of real estate companies that compete in the market today. But when it comes to real estate developers, Meraas Holding is, for sure, one of the best. With a wide catalog which offers many types of homes and communities,… Read more »


Dubai is one of those unique places in the world where investing always tends to be a good choice, no matter what. With a growing economy and lucrative returns on property investment, Dubai is basically a heaven to invest in the real estate market, particularly off plan projects in Dubai. These types of projects are… Read more »

Golden bridges continues to shine Da Nang tourism in 2019

Imitating the image of the “giant hands of Gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the land,” said Vu Viet Anh, Design Principal at TA Landscape Architecture. A  magnificent  bridge  was  inaugurated last  June  in Da Nang,  named  “Golden Bridge” (Cau Vang in Vietnamese). Overlooking  the  hills  of  Ba  Na  region,  the bridge is… Read more »

A Journey Through the Hawkeye State

It’s time to start planning your next vacation so where are you thinking of going? You might be considering California for its mountain and forests, or Florida for its sunny beaches. But if you’re looking for a state or destination that’s a little off the beaten path, and still filled with wonderful scenery and rich… Read more »

A Spiritual Awakening on the Camino Frances Pilgrimage

When you make the decision to take the Camino de Santiago it can be for many reasons, and whatever they are the Camino Frances -or the French Way- is a great place to start. Perhaps it is for spiritual growth and reflection. It may be a chance to feel closer to something bigger than us,… Read more »

Why Should Budapest Be On Your Bucket List?

Budapest is a real urban treasure for those who love trendy clubs, bustling parties, good food, and quality booze. And this Panonnian city is even easier to reach nowadays since Ryanair and Wizz Air directed lots of low-cost flights here. There is no doubt the Queen of Danube has quickly become a popular tourist destination,… Read more »

3 Tips For Visiting China For The First Time

China, a country rich in dozens of different cultures and languages. Being as massive of a country it is, with over a billion citizens, it’s enough to make even the most seasoned world travelers feel like they can easily find themselves lost in translation. Rest assured, with the right information ahead of time with a… Read more »