5 Tips for a stress-free visit to Florence

Florence is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the beauty packed Italy. Its treasures and monuments make it worth seeing, and tourists from all over the world flock to Florence every year. That is why the old city is usually crowded, narrow streets congested with tourists, museums encircled with long queues of people desperate to get in, etc. 

And before you know it, your dream trip can turn into a nightmare. You probably only have a few days to spend there, and suddenly you realize you might leave without seeing the original David statue. Nobody wants that, right? That’s why we have assembled this short list of tips and ideas that will help you enjoy your vacation so you don’t end up in your hotel room playing video games on JerkDolls, Onward to our suggestions that just might come in handy.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

You want to prepare well before the trip. Get familiar with things you want to see and protect yourself from possible scams you might encounter. Assemble the list of things you want to see. Then choose priorities, something you must see, give them numbers by importance. It is very likely you’ll have to miss out on something, so make peace with that. 

Fact check

You’ll want to use all the benefits of internet Google, Maps, Trip Advisor. It is convenient and can save you a lot of trouble. Not to advertise Google Maps, but there is a section called Review where you can find comments and photos by fellow tourists. This will help you avoid being lured by owners’ photoshopped images and have the real picture. You will also learn about food that should not be missed and unique local restaurants that may look unappealing.


The things you have picked you should see about tickets, queues, and other information. Buy tickets online. The biggest attractions like Uffici, Academia, or Cathedral Santa Maria del Flore, have considerable lines to get to the ticket office. After you have waited for hours in the sun, you have to wait in another line to actually get in. You have spent most of your day on your feet, and your legs are aching, there is little time to see all the fantastic artworks… Buying tickets online will save you at least the first, long queue. Another idea is to split your party into two groups and wait in separate lines, open up your phone and watch cartoon porn games in discretion to pass the time. 

Be fit

If you’re not a gym addict or a marathon runner, you will want to get in shape before the trip. You’ll be spending the whole day walking around, and if you’re used to sitting in the office all the time, this will pose some stress to your body, especially after several days. You see why having more walks a month or two before the trip is a good idea? Maybe even hit the gym a little bit. You don’t have to look like Michelangelo’s David, just fit enough to not feel like spending the second day in your hotel room. 

Style of comfort

Italians might be the most stylish people on the planet, but you don’t have to be as a tourist. Being fashionable is great, but not on a trip like this. Comfy footwear and blister-free feet is the way to go. The same applies to clothes. Another tip is to be mindful of the sun if traveling in summer months and wear sunscreen or even a hat.

In conclusion

 If you plan to visit Italy and one of its pearls, you should prepare well before the trip itself. As we know, every fairytale has its monsters lurking from the dark, so does this magical city. Preparing well will help make this adventure go smoothly and be a beautiful lifelong experience.