5 Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

Though travelling may not be on your high-priority to do list at the moment, research has proven that having a trip planned makes you happier! We don’t want to mess with science, so we are here to help you plan your next solo trip, for when it is safe to travel again. We know that travelling solo can sometimes seem intimidating, but it can be extremely rewarding. You get to be as flexible, independent, and adventurous as you want, all while seeing the marvelous beauty the world has to offer!

  1. San Diego

Have you always wanted to go to Los Angeles but are afraid of the traffic, crowds, and smog? Don’t worry, if you travel just 120 miles south of L.A. you will arrive in America’s Finest City, San Diego, CA. San Diego has the excitement and variety of a big city, all while having that community-styled beach-town vibe. Whether you want to spend time on the sand, explore a brewery, or go to the zoo, San Diego has it all. Since you’ll want to document every moment, add a solar paneled charger to your shopping list. The San Diego sunshine will fuel your phone battery and your soul.

Camp in a National Park

The word “camping” makes us envision a relaxing day in a hammock followed by an evening of star-gazing. If it sends you into a panic, remain calm! Camping is a great solo adventure, as it is about relaxing, self-discovery, and returning to nature. A good way to relax on your trip is with vegan CBD gummies. CBDfx uses organic, non-GMO, 100% vegan ingredients. They also contain no corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or any other harmful chemicals. This means you can enjoy some other not so healthy camp snacks, too (we’re looking at you, s’mores), and still be able to sleep soundly in your tent at night. Ahhh, balance.


If you are wanting to take yourself on a European trip, Amsterdam’s welcoming and diverse population makes for an ideal solo travel spot! The city has everything you could want. History, food, drinks, bike tours, boat rides, museums, shopping, escape rooms, hydraulic swings off the top of a building, there is really something for every type of adventure-seeker. And of course, when in such a historical place, you will be taking tons of pictures! It is fine if they live forever digitally on your phone, but we recommend printing your pictures. YES, print them! With the HP Sprocket photo printer, you can print your images directly from your phone! We can almost guarantee this printer will make you the most popular person at the hostel.


Australia is a beautiful continent! You truly cannot go wrong with a solo trip there. Though we do recommend this destination for our more outdoorsy readers. Since the majority of Australia’s beauty is found outside (their museums are great but come on, kangaroos), this is the perfect trip for those that don’t mind getting dirty and being in the heart of nature’s beauty. With so much to see, do, and touch, we don’t want you to be weighed down with a heavy backpack. This discreet, slim lululemon belt bag is the perfect size for your essentials. Phone, wallet, snacks, etc. Plus, it leaves your hands free to hold a koala at only a moment’s notice.

Disney Parks

Anyone who says Disney Parks are only for kids, is seriously mistaken. Taking a trip to a Disney park as an adult is a total game-changer, especially if you go alone! You won’t hear anyone complain about their feet hurting or wanting to take a mid-day nap. You can stop for a churro whenever your heart desires and some attractions even have a single-rider line! Hello, short wait times! Ooo ooo! And do you want to rock a shirt with your favorite character on it, but don’t want to pay in-park prices? Go to Box Lunch to get your gear before heading to the park!

Scholar and explorer, Ibn Battuta once said, “Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” So, what are you waiting for?! Start planning that next solo trip! It will provide you with breathtaking moments and stories that will last a lifetime.