Travel mementos – ideas for saving your memories

When I was younger, I didn’t really document my travels. Which is a shame. Because once upon a time when I was in Africa, the locals told me of a sort of ‘Loch Ness’ legend of their own, living in the nearby overgrown lake. There was a footprint in the mud and everything. But I didn’t take any pictures. Another time, in Germany, I saw a flying Santa sled display, and to this day I have no idea how they pulled that off. Again, I have nothing but memories. That’s why we’re going to look at ways to remember your travels, so that years from now you have some proof of what you recall!

Hang your memories on your walls

Buy some canvas picture prints of your favourite travel photos and hang your memories on your wall as a constant reminder of some of the best times in your life. But wait, if you love to travel, there’s another reason that canvas prints might be a good idea (other than looking amazing throughout your home). Studies have shown that people who are reminded of their favourite things are more likely to go back to those favourite things more regularly. It makes sense, I suppose. If you tell me about ice cream 50 times today, I am probably going to buy some ice cream on my way home from work. So, hang your prints where you can see them, and keep the travel bug in you excited to book your next adventure.

Keep a video diary

YouTube was launched on St Valentine’s Day, 2005. That’s plenty of time for the video hosting giant to have ironed out all of the creases and made things super simple for you to set up and manage your brand new account. Video diaries are incredibly fun. You don’t actually have to appear on camera if you don’t want to. You don’t even need to narrate anything – you can superimpose your text later. All you need is an eye for timing. Nobody – and I mean nobody (including yourself) – wants to see footage of the stairwell at the hotel. Nobody wants to see minute after minute of walking around the streets. But a few seconds drinking in a cathedral and close-up of your evening meal and perhaps a little funny off-the-cuff interview with friends in a bar? Now we’re talking. These are the things you’ll come back to watch time and time again. 

If all else fails, at least keep a memory box

A memory box does exactly what it says on the, erm, box. It’s a box of memories. I actually have a memory box of my first trip around Europe. I kept all of the maps with all of the day’s intended destinations circled, I kept ticket stubs from the museums and places of interest I visited, and I kept coins and a few trinkets I bought as souvenirs. Simple but effective. In 20 or 30 years from now, a box like this will be a trove of memories – some of which would have otherwise been lost forever.