Common RV Issues That May Need Repairs & Servicing

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RV’s or Recreational vehicles are possibly one of the most fun things to invest in if anyone is looking for an exciting and adventurous holiday vacation or just to get some time out from the boredom of staying indoors. If you are looking to escape away for a few days or even just for a weekend, this is the best and easiest way to do it. No need for booking separate accommodation and renting a vehicle, everything is included in one piece of genius invention.

However, having said that, as with all common machinery, you get your common problems which need to be fixed now and again, which calls for the need to do some regular upkeep and maintenance. However, these issues can spring up anytime, and particularly with these types of vehicles, there are a few that many owners are already aware of. Things such as blow out, or toilet and plumbing issues happen, see more here, but knowing what to do when they occur is the important part and will place you ahead of the game. 

 Industry statistics claim that out of every 10 RVs, at least 3 will need some form of repair or the other. Mostly within the 2nd year, and some even after having them for 8 years. So, as one famous person once said, in knowledge, there is power, so we’re here to provide you with this much-needed knowledge, especially for those who are either looking to invest in one or already have done so, so you can be well prepared for in case something goes wrong in the middle of a trip out in the desert. 

Let’s jump into looking at a few of those common issues that may require your attention.

Issues with the Battery. Other times it can be an issue with the battery itself and corrosion has been seen to happen many times. This too may need replacing, which you can get handled in the repair shop. If, however, the battery is dead, it will be just as similar as hot circuiting one using another vehicle. You should have clip-together receptacles that will help with this. These will clip to the vehicles and help run the electrical current through in helping to give some spark to the dead battery and bringing it to life. 

Replacing your battery is also a good thing regularly, this is something that must be done before it goes dead and leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere. If possible, keep a spare in the car. They are relatively simple to install and get up and running by yourself. All you’ll need is an inverter and a few other components. You could also run it on solar power

Leaking of The Roof or Windows. Say you’re driving out on the highway and suddenly it starts to rain, as is typical weather in some parts of Australia. You’re prepared because you know where you’re going and your driving is smooth, what’s the worse that could happen. You start noticing water leaking through the roof and getting inside the windows.   

No matter how sturdy or well-made your motorhome is, this is something that can still easily happen. Materials such as the sealants, especially with the older models, can harden and as a result will crack, making it vulnerable to water seeping through these exposed areas. Water damage can damage parts of the van plus stain your interiors as well. 

A few preventative measures are all it takes. Invest in a good quality RV cover, much like a car cover, this will be weatherproof and waterproof. If you’re driving and it starts to rain, make sure you park it off under a roof till the rain stops. By now we hope you would have access to some supplies such as roof sealant, which you would need for maintenance, and in this case, placing a cost of it over the roof once every couple of months is advisable. Lastly, finding the leaks will help mitigate any future damage to the vehicle.

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Issues with the Electrical System. Sometimes, minor issues with the electronics happen too. In which case hiring a professional RV repairs service is your best bet because not everyone knows how the mechanics of these motorhomes work and it is best to leave this essential part to those who do, as opposed to trying and fixing it yourself and making it worse perhaps. 

If the issues are minor, and you can typically fix any electronics or electrical issues around the house, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you to look at. For instance, sometimes switches stop working in their circuit breaker, in which case replacing this is a minor process and can be done. 

We hope the above gives you some idea of what to expect so you can be better prepared before you head out on that weekend camping vacation with your kids.