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Why Do We Love The Irish So Much?


We’ve been sitting around now for some time now. Racking our brains. Trying to think of someone. Just someone to add to the list of one. But no, it’s not happening, we still haven’t found what we’re looking for. There is no Irish person in the public eye that we dislike apart from that one…. Read more »

Celebrating the Karmic Quality of Traveling for Fun


Traveling for pleasure brings its own rewards. With no deadline on your travel time you can get the most out of every single destination, spend time getting to know the people and feeling the vibe. Not everyone gets to savoir the benefits of their travel in quite the same way, which is what makes traveling… Read more »

Dangerous Vacation Spots For Thrill Seekers


Looking for a thrill on your next vacation? Check out these destinations that can be pretty dangerous if not careful. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park The National Park is located on the big island and is home to two active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Kilauea still spews hot lava and ash. The park was established… Read more »

The Resources You Need to Plan Your Dream Summer Holiday


A relaxed holiday maker is a lot like a boy scout, or Batman, or that one guy who survives the zombie apocalypse – they get there through extreme levels of preparation. Yes, if you want you can just get an entirely pre-packaged experience, and relatively cheaply as well. But that’s hardly your dream holiday is… Read more »

Japan Celebrates Mario’s Anniversary with Mario Themed Cafes

mario cafe

It has been 30 years since Nintendo released the epic Super Mario Bros game. It goes down in history as one of the most popular video games of all times. For three decades, people have grown to love Mario and the other characters in the game. In honor of the anniversary, three Super Mario Bros… Read more »

Zion National Park Captures Utah’s Beauty


Looking for a great getaway? Then head on over to Utah to visit the beautiful Zion National Park. It is full of breathtaking views and is a great place to hike. Southwest Utah is stunning and Zion captures all of the beauty, oh and do not forget to grab those binoculars! Zion is known for… Read more »

Havasu Falls Offers Perfect Escape from Heat

Havasu Falls

Arizona is full of many beautiful spots to visit. One of the most famous and breathtaking is the Grand Canyon. Inside the Grand Canyon, sits the most photographed waterfall in the world, Havasu Falls. Havasu Falls is one of four waterfalls that make of Havasu Creek. Havasu Creek is a stream that enters into the… Read more »

Summer Vacation in Key West

Key West Beach

Key West, Florida is a terrific spot for a summer getaway. Key West offers amazing beaches, the best nightlife and some delicious food. It is one of the best places in Florida to visit, especially during the summer months. Florida is a popular Spring Break destination, especially Key West. But this time of year can… Read more »

Hang Ten at These Perfect Beaches for Surfing

Time to grab that surfboard and hit the waves. Summertime is a great time to head to the beach and catch up on some surfing. There are a lot of options out there, but some beaches offer better waves than others. Check out this list before you plan your next surfing trip. Uluwatu The beach… Read more »