6 Factors That Make Byron Bay the Ideal Schoolies Location

Photo by Byron Bay

As the final exams at high school draw near, students get excited not only because they are about to graduate but mainly because it’s time for schoolies.

Schoolies week is celebrated across Australia by high school grads. They get the opportunity to spend vacations with their friends at a destination of their choice and create memories they will cherish forever.

Young graduates start planning for vacations months before their graduation. They are excited about vacations alongside a beautiful beach without any restrictions. They either opt for a beach in Australia or travel to a popular tourist spot in another country.

Byron Bay is a famous beach for schoolies. It’s the perfect place to spend your schoolies week due to the following reasons:


  • Discounted Rates


Whether your parents are sponsoring your schoolies week tour or you spend your savings from part-time jobs, you must be looking for tours that don’t cost you a huge sum. Since Byron Bay is a local schoolies destination, you can get discounted rates for your holidays.

Tourism companies offer huge discounts for domestic travel. You can look for cost-effective tour plans to cut down on expenses. Also, you can easily get beachfront accommodation at low rates.


  • Adventurous Activities


Nothing beats the fun of enjoying some adventurous activities with your friends during the schoolies week. You can check with tourism companies to learn about the opportunities for such activities and book them beforehand at lower rates.

You can try out kayaking, skydiving, surfing, Rainforest tours and much more!


  • Explore the Town


During your stay at Byron Bay, you can’t miss out on bike tours. It’s the perfect time to explore the city and nearby areas and learn more about your culture. You can rent bicycles to take tours with your friends during the daytime.


  • Enjoy Nightlife


The idea of enjoying nightlife excites high school graduates the most. You can visit bars and join night parties. You can book a tour with www.surething.com.au and also get passes for night parties.

However, many youngsters binge drink alcohol or consume drugs during schoolies week. Not only does it affect their health and reputation, some students also end up losing their lives. It’s extremely important you should be cautious and refrain from engaging in activities that can make you ashamed all your life.


  • Play Beach Volleyball


Many schoolies hostels feature a volleyball court where you can play the sport with your friends. You can invite other people to join you for a game of volleyball and make new friends.


  • Arrange Bonfires


Doesn’t the idea of a bonfire along the beach with your high school friends fascinate you? Who knows when you will get to meet your friends after they move to a new city to join a university! You can have bonfires and make memories for life.

Byron Bay is one of the top schoolies destinations in Australia. You can book a trip for a week or two with a tour company.