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A Full House of Bands – Where Music Meets Poker


Poker players listen to music at the table. Notable musicians try their hand at poker. The mix of beats and cards is ever-growing as more music festivals incorporate poker into their acts. Below are some places to be in 2014 if you’re a fan of good music and good hands. American Folk Music Fest and… Read more »

Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 Announced

Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 Announced

Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 has been officially announced. The most colorful electronic dance music festival will be making its way to Las Vegas on June 20-22, 2014. The first public batch of tickets goes on sale December 2nd, with Headliner Loyalty tickets going as quickly as November 25th. This is the first year the festival… Read more »

Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 Review

electric daisy carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival Experience: The Full Review Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is classified as an international festival that caters to the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. The festival occurs during the warm summer months within the US and Puerto Rico. EDC was originally founded by Insomniac Events. Anually, offshoots of Electric Daisy Carnival occurs in… Read more »

Electric Daisy Carnival Food and Beverages

electric daisy carnival food and beverages

Electric Daisy Carnival Food & Beverages Electric Daisy Carnival Food and Beverages are different from your standard festival cuisine. If you happen to be attending EDC Las Vegas, you’re in luck here. But what about the actual venue grounds? Mercifully, EDC allows for free water refills at a variety of stations throughout the venue. You’re… Read more »

Electric Daisy Carnival Drugs

edc drugs

Electric Daisy Carnival Drugs: The Hazy Side of EDC Electric Daisy Carnival drugs are a real thing. No shocker here, EDC drugs are widespread. It seems like the drug culture goes hand in hand with the rave culture, but that’s not entirely true. Regardless, with the sheer amount of people present for the festival you’re… Read more »

Are Electric Daisy Carnival VIP Tickets Worth It?

are electronic daisy carnival VIP tickets worth it?

Are Electric Daisy Carnival VIP Tickets Worth It? Our editors say, ‘NO’.  Are you considering splurging for VIP EDC tickets? Here’s an overview of the VIP amenities. VIP guests of EDC are capable of entering through an exclusive festival entrance – the perfect thing for late comers who are residing in the area. I can… Read more »

What Music Should I Expect to Hear at EDC?

What Music Should I Expect to Hear at EDC? An Overview of the Mayhem. We often hear the question, ‘What music should I expect to hear at EDC?’ Ahem. Electric Daisy Carnival is a veritable hub for genres such as electronic dance music, touching on aspects of house, drum and bass, techno, dance punk, hardstyle… Read more »

Weather at Electric Daisy Carnival

weather at electric daisy carnival

What’s the Weather Like at Electric Daisy Carnival? Curious what the weather at Electric Daisy Carnival will be like? Before answering what the weather will be like, we should first ask, ‘Where you headed?’. EDC Las Vegas is perhaps the most popular variety of the festivals locations, so let’s start there. EDC Las Vegas, alongside the… Read more »