Sound Off: Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 Review

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Sound off allows fans to provide their own Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 review. These are some of their voices.

Electric Daisy Carnival, June 21

Borgore was filthy. I think my girlfriend hated him. She was also falling in and out of sleep though, so it’s hard to tell. ~ Stephen S.

It’s awesome that all of the music doesn’t really start until sometime in the evening. I didn’t realize I was going to sleep in until 4 pm until I finally left night 1. ~ Caly R.

Madeon had this crazy retractable roof thing. I thought I was tripping balls or something but no, apparently Madeon was just performing inside Optimus Prime or something. ~ Adam L.

I lost my bag with my ID and credit card inside sometime around seeing Porter Robinson. I wasn’t actually freaking out about it till Porter Robinson was done playing though, that’s how good it was. ~ Alison T.

Electric Daisy Carnival, June 22

I still think Fatboy Slim was the best part of this year’s EDC. It’s awesome to see some of the more old school guys have these really dynamic sets at festivals like EDC, I think it introduces them to entirely newer audiences. ~ Danielle O.

Day 2 was just madness. I pretty much started my day with Oliver and just wandered around till ACIVII — which was sick. Snuck out a little Major Lazer and Wolfgang Gartner and that’s really when things got insane. Dog Blood at like 2 in the morning? That hit hard. ~ Brad D.

Electric Daisy Carnival, June 23

Those finale fireworks! (laughs) God, it sounded like a warzone! ~ Rebecca B.

I took a chance on seeing the Night Owl Experience and it paid off. There was a lot of commotion that the anonymous DJs were actually Daft Punk. We got up close and still couldn’t really tell, my guess is that it wasn’t. Still, just being there and thinking it was actually them was pretty insane. It’s pretty easy to go along with something you’ve wanted to be true for years. ~ Lance G.

I was pissed they ended up removing the big daisy, I planned on meeting my friends here between sets. With the drugs and everything, it took nearly the entire night to sort it all out and touch base with people. I can’t help but feel that Kill The Noise set would have been better with everyone there. I’ve been telling some of them about Kill The Noise for months, and they missed it. ~ Kenan P.