Are Electric Daisy Carnival VIP Tickets Worth It?

Are Electric Daisy Carnival VIP Tickets Worth It? Our editors say, ‘NO’. 

are electronic daisy carnival VIP tickets worth it?

Are you considering splurging for VIP EDC tickets? Here’s an overview of the VIP amenities.

VIP guests of EDC are capable of entering through an exclusive festival entrance – the perfect thing for late comers who are residing in the area. I can think of more than a few things to do in Las Vegas beforehand.

VIP guests also have access to exclusive viewing decks that overlook the multiple stages. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 here though – capacity is totally limited. The place has a tendency to fill up during the late evening and it’s possible to be turned away despite the extra money you paid for the ticket. Full cash bars are available throughout the various decks.

VIP guests also have access to exclusive restroom facilities, which certainly helps detract from the festival vibe. But is that really a good thing?

Some of the other perks arte a bit gimmicky and don’t really justify the price of VIP – access to a VIP Ferris Wheel and being issued a lanyard and badge. Hmm.

Are Electric Daisy Carnival VIP tickets worth it? Our editors voted a resounding no. Too many of the VIP perks are designed to limit your festival experience, provided you’re even able to secure space in the VIP areas. The point of an electronic music festival is to be among the big party – save your money here.