Electric Daisy Carnival Food and Beverages

Electric Daisy Carnival Food & Beverages

electric daisy carnival food & beverages

Electric Daisy Carnival Food and Beverages are different from your standard festival cuisine. If you happen to be attending EDC Las Vegas, you’re in luck here. But what about the actual venue grounds?

Mercifully, EDC allows for free water refills at a variety of stations throughout the venue. You’re covered as far as hydration goes. Eating is another story.

We won’t bother delving into the variety of food trucks present at EDC thanks to the abundance of different venue locations, but in our experience, they’re pretty standard fare. Expect quick meals such as Mexican inspired cuisine and the average slice of pizza.

If you’re feeling adventurous, see what kind of trouble you can get into at a popular restaurant in the Las Vegas area beforehand. Live a little!

So where do we recommend? Personally, we’re huge fans of Mexican in food in general but there’s little secret how much that jives with the festival atmosphere. That’s why our destination of choice is Tacos El Gordo. No, it’s no exactly walking distance from the EDC venue — but that’s what cabs are for, friends.

If you’re looking for Electric Daisy Carnival food and beverages a bit closer to the festival grounds, look for street vendors within and outside the Speedway venue.