Weather at Electric Daisy Carnival

What’s the Weather Like at Electric Daisy Carnival?

weather at electric daisy carnivalCurious what the weather at Electric Daisy Carnival will be like? Before answering what the weather will be like, we should first ask, ‘Where you headed?’. EDC Las Vegas is perhaps the most popular variety of the festivals locations, so let’s start there.

EDC Las Vegas, alongside the other locations of this festival, occur within the sweltering months of summer. The Las Vegas landscape can be quite uncomfortable during the peak of afternoon – if you’ve experienced the Coachella weather you more or less know what to expect. Don’t be surprised when conditions start peaking around 100 degrees during the worst stretches. Fortunately, with festivities not really picking up till dusk, you can generally afford to stay indoors beforehand. Good luck finding something to do in Sin City.

Sweltering afternoons make for incredibly pleasant evenings. We strongly suggest dressing lighter on the west coast venues for EDC – east coasters may consider bringing along an additional layer for the occasionally chilly late evenings. Sorry to say, but bikinis might be out here — unless you’re a bit of a hard ass. Also, expect there to be slightly more humidity toward the east coast locations. Orlando, we’re looking at you.