Electric Daisy Carnival Drugs

Electric Daisy Carnival Drugs: The Hazy Side of EDC

edc drugs

Electric Daisy Carnival drugs are a real thing. No shocker here, EDC drugs are widespread. It seems like the drug culture goes hand in hand with the rave culture, but that’s not entirely true. Regardless, with the sheer amount of people present for the festival you’re likely to find an abundance of marijuana and molly. Ecstasy is very popular among the younger generations of EDC attendees.

Hallucinatory drugs have become more common recently but festival goers are generally looking for the type of drugs that won’t detract from the total amount of dancing that occurs.

One of the things we always stress to festival goers is to be safe about your usage. Electric Daisy Carnival is enough of a party that you hardly need the assistance of any substance. All the same, if you’re planning on partaking in the hazier side of things, we strongly suggest to exercise the right amount of control. Never take anything you don’t trust — never take anything more than you can handle.

It’s within your best interest to avoid purchasing any drugs inside the festival grounds. You can generally assume any sales being made are on behalf of undercover officers combing the EDC grounds. Don’t find yourself leaving early facing criminal charges — it’s the worst Electric Daisy Carnival experience you could possibly have!