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Lollapalooza Drugs and Drug Usage

Lollapalooza Drugs and Drug Usage How do Lollapalooza drugs and drug usage compare to other music festivals? Let’s ask a Lolla fan first. “Weed. Plenty of weed. But not an overwhelming amount. I saw more weed at a Dave Matthew’s concert than at Lolla. With all the EDM this year, expect a lot more rolling…. Read more »

Electric Daisy Carnival Drugs

edc drugs

Electric Daisy Carnival Drugs: The Hazy Side of EDC Electric Daisy Carnival drugs are a real thing. No shocker here, EDC drugs are widespread. It seems like the drug culture goes hand in hand with the rave culture, but that’s not entirely true. Regardless, with the sheer amount of people present for the festival you’re… Read more »