Chaos in Tejas 2013 Lineup

Chaos in Tejas 2013 lineup

There’s a lot more to Chaos and Tejas than punk and metal–even though there’s a lot of that. This fest is interesting because you don’t NEED to buy a full 4-day pass, you can instead buy tickets to several individual shows if you choose. The Chaos in Tejas 2013 lineup includes legendary death metallers, Bolt… Read more »

Coachella 2014 Sold Out?

Coachella 2014 sold out? It’s official. *Updated 1/10/2014 Coachella weekend 1 sold out approximately 2:22 EST Coachella weekend 2 sold out approximately 4:20 EST You might be part of the many thousands concerned Coachella 2014 sold out if you missed your chance to purchase advance tickets. No, friend — the time for panic is not now…. Read more »

Governor’s Ball Mix 2013

death from above 1979 governor's ball

Governor’s Ball Mix 2013 Governor’s Ball Mix 2013 is here, ready to prepare you for one of our favorite diverse music festivals held annually in the New York area. Thanks to the magic that is Spotify (do we get a handout for that ringing endorsement?), you can sample some of the artists, big and small,… Read more »

Governor’s Ball Food and Beverages

The Governor’s Ball food and beverages are some of the most renowned as far as music festivals go. There’s something for everyone here, regardless of your dietary needs. The Governor’s Ball 2013 will feature, Rickshaw Dumpling Bar – Classic dumplings using ingredients like pork, chives and Peking Duck. All dumplings come paired with specific dipping sauces…. Read more »

Governor’s Ball Fashion

Governor’s Ball Fashion

Governor’s Ball fashion? Well, the name certainly implies some high class. As far as music festivals go, we suppose the fashion is a bit more upscale than average. What else do you expect from the procession of Brooklyn hipsters? Without trying to paint a stuffy picture here, the Governor’s Ball is an opportune time for… Read more »

Are Governor’s Ball VIP Tickets Worth It?

Are Governor’s Ball VIP Tickets Worth It?

If you’re asking yourself, ‘Are Governor’s Ball VIP tickets worth it?’, our editors say, ‘YES!’. But the Gov Ball is a unique case, offering two styles of VIP tickets. The biggest difference between the two? A chunk of change in the tune of $1000. Standard VIP Tickets allow you access to VIP viewing areas in… Read more »

Governor’s Ball Ticket Prices

Governor’s Ball Ticket Prices Governor’s Ball Regular GA 3-Day Tickets – $220 Single Day Tickets (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) – $95 3-Day Regular VIP Tickets – $470 Single Day Regular VIP Tickets – $180 Super VIP 3-Day Tickets – $470 Market resale typically reflects original cost. Governor’s Ball Transportation Ticket Prices MNHTN Ferry 3-Day Tickets –… Read more »