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Festival Clothes/Outfits – Top Picks

The hardest part about picking festival outfits? Not overdoing it. Ideally, you want clothes that you can wear any day of the year. Treating a music festival like a chance to show off your great fashion sense (as opposed to Halloween) not only simplifies your wardrobe, but also keeps you from looking back at those… Read more »

London’s Most Interesting Buildings


It’s one of the most visited cities on the planet. It attracts 27 million overnight visitors every year. They flock to the likes of Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square, a different language heard in every corner, all enthusiastically shouting “cheese” in their respective tongues. But there is more to London than the bright lights of… Read more »

7 Festival Fashion Essentials


Fashion and music have always gone hand-in-hand: we have the likes of Bowie and Madonna to prove it. Music festivals are catwalks for music and fashion lovers the world over. The coolest festival goers are the ones who manage to dress practically but still look like a rockstar. Here’s a list of the top seven… Read more »

Dress to Impress Yourself

hipster girl fashion

You don’t have to lecture me (Mom) about the value of a good education. Where we differ is where you get that education. I spent your wad of cash going to school and learned two things: how to manipulate people to get what I want and how to spot people who are manipulating me. Now… Read more »

Arcade Fire Dress Code Draws Huge Criticism

arcade fire dress code

The newly imposed Arcade Fire dress code is angering fans … but the Montreal collective doesn’t seem to be backing down anytime soon. Arcade Fire, the latest big name set to headline Coachella 2014, is now facing tremendous criticism over a controversial policy to enforce a dress code. The band is requiring all fans in… Read more »


Local Natives are currently featured in a variety of international music festivals. You can catch them at the upcoming Lollapalooza festival in August.