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Dress to Impress Yourself

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You don’t have to lecture me (Mom) about the value of a good education. Where we differ is where you get that education. I spent your wad of cash going to school and learned two things: how to manipulate people to get what I want and how to spot people who are manipulating me. Now… Read more »

Arcade Fire Dress Code Draws Huge Criticism

arcade fire dress code

The newly imposed Arcade Fire dress code is angering fans … but the Montreal collective doesn’t seem to be backing down anytime soon. Arcade Fire, the latest big name set to headline Coachella 2014, is now facing tremendous criticism over a controversial policy to enforce a dress code. The band is requiring all fans in… Read more »


Local Natives are currently featured in a variety of international music festivals. You can catch them at the upcoming Lollapalooza festival in August.